Kate’s Cakes Review

Lets face it, one of the nicest packages you can get through the post is a package that contains cake. So I was pretty pleased when this big beauty arrived for me the other week containing some samples of Kate’s Cakes. Not just that but a couple of mugs, a cake stand and some english tea, perfect for entertaining. Of course the only entertaining I really do is keeping my two year old out of mischief and what do you know? Cake is good for that too. 
Kate’s Cakes are available in Tesco now. The cakes I’m reviewing today come in boxes of five and these are individually wrapped perfect for lunch boxes or just for keeping fresh if you don’t plan on eating them all at once. They come in three kinds, Millionaires Shortbread which I didn’t have the pleasure of sampling, Lemon Drizzle* and Chocolate Fudge* which I did. The boxes retail for £1.99. 
Both of the cakes were deliciously moist and full of flavour. I wasn’t too keen on the Lemon Drizzle one, I found it very sharp which isn’t my sort of thing. I ended up heating it up in the microwave and serving with fresh cream which I did enjoy. The Chocolate Fudge however was delicious! LM and I practically fought over the box. The fact that they’re small squares and not at all crumbly made them perfect for a toddler to eat with minimal mess. I was also kindly sent a small box of English breakfast tea which was the perfect accompaniment  for them. 
Over all, I would consider buying them especially how at the moment they’re on offer for £1.50 for a box. I think they’re the perfect packed lunch size if you wanted something sweet to take to work or a nice treat to put in for your children. The fact they were all sealed individually definitely stopped me from eating them all at once too! 
Have you tried Kate’s Cakes yet?
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