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One of my favourite things about having a house I’m fully in charge of is deciding what I’m going to put on the walls. I have to be honest and say that 99% of what’s on my walls is either photos, Disney or travel related, some are even all three. So I do love when I’m offered the chance to review something that I can put on my walls. 
A few weeks back Wall Create contacted me and offered me the chance to review a 40cm x 30cm canvas of a photo of my choosing. I was over joyed as at the moment I’m collecting canvases of photos I’ve taken on various adventures to hang up my staircase. I have my Paris one so far and I knew the exact photo I wanted for my new canvas.

40cm x 30cm Canvas* £18.94, Wall Create

This is a photo I took while in Disneyland Paris back in May, it’s of Sleeping Beauty’s castle on our first day when the sun was shining. I have to admit, I think this castle is much prettier than Cinderella’s in Florida. Although there are some crowds I decided against cropping it because I wanted to include the beautiful Lion King topiary, which of course Disney theme parks are famous for. 
After placing my order the canvas arrived less than a week later in a padded envelope with extra bubble wrap. I was impressed by the speed of delivery and the precautions taken to ensure my canvas arrived safely. First impressions were very positive. It is well printed and the details are all incredibly clear as that’s usually my problem with pre-printed canvases you can buy from store, everything ends up blurry but this looks exactly like my photo aside from the canvas texture that you can hardly expect to be gone. The colours are beautiful and very vibrant, again exactly what the original photograph looks like. The print goes so far around the canvas board then the rest is blue which goes well with the blue sky and when hung this is unnoticeable. 
The Wall Create website itself is very easy to use and navigate but not only that, unlike a lot of canvas printing websites Wall Create is incredibly reasonable. For my size canvas 40cm x 30cm with a 2cm depth it is currently only £18.97, with a £4.95 delivery. You can also choose pre-printed canvases if you don’t have a photograph of your own and there is a great selection. 

Not only did I receive my beautiful canvas, but Wall Create are giving one of my readers the chance to win a 40cm x 30cm canvas. All you have to do is follow Cocktails in Teacups on Bloglovin, Wall Create on Twitter and tweet a link. This competition is only running for two weeks. So get entering! 

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Good luck!
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