Friday I’m In Love #6

God these Fridays roll around fast. It doesn’t seem like five minutes since I sat down to write last weeks. I know I mention this every single week, but doing this sort of post really makes me realise how fast time really goes. Had another bad week with family stuff, had some sad news today which has really knocked me but I came home, ate pizza and wrapped gifts in a vain attempt to cheer me up. Thankfully tomorrow i’m out for the afternoon meeting up with some fab ladies for lunch but I plan on writing about that all tomorrow. Taking my camera out for the day, something I haven’t done in ages. I’m hoping to get a new lense before Florida but I need to practice with this one first! I really need to sit down with the photography books I own.. 
Anyway, despite the sad news and stressful times on and off, I have been loving some awesome things I want to share with you today! 
The Little Mermaid, 25 Years
On Monday it was 25 years since The Little Mermaid was released. There were loads of memes, art work and facts floating around but my favourite has to be How The Little Mermaid Set The Movie Tone for Our Entire Generation on Hello Giggles. When the movie was released I was one, meaning this was my generation. Although I was familiar with all the past Disney movies (even the obscure ones thanks to my dad) I grew up going to the cinema to see all the Disney movies that came after The Little Mermaid. Not only that, but The Little Mermaid was responsible for the way the Disney Princesses started to behave and lets face it, we love that Jasmine sneaks out the palace and Belle is educated and Tiana wants to make something of herself, by herself. We like that Mulan saves China and Anna doesn’t need a man do defrost her heart.. if we didn’t have Ariel disobeying her father, we wouldn’t have any of the Princesses that came later.
The Little Mermaid Book Clutch on Etsy
Continuing with the mermaid theme, I came across this amazing book clutch a style of bag I’m so in love with, but not was it just a random book, no.. it was a The Little Mermaid book clutch. Queue me falling in love and then crying at the price. But how perfect would it be for Florida? Shame it’s almost £50!
The Chicago Town Slice Sabre

Yep, you read that right. I geeked out a little bit as I am a Star Wars fan! I was kindly sent a Slice Sabre* and some vouchers for Chicago Town’s Deep Dish pizza packs which have the odes on to collect for your very own slice sabre. It’s pretty cool and has a wee lazer as well as making sabre sounds. The pizzas are really good too! Little Miss and I had a pizza each, some fries and garlic bread tonight as our weekly pizza picnic. She did get a good giggle when I was cutting the pizza although of course she didn’t get the reference. Not only can you collect codes on promotional packs to get your own slice sabre, there is a game called Slice Sabre Pro that you can play, it’s really fun and I’ve wasted too much time tonight playing it. So much for eBay listing.. Follow Chicago Town on Facebook & Twitter
Disney Cosplay Shoes
My love for cosplay increases the more time I spend on Pinterest. Thankfully I’m getting some sort of fix with two parties in the next two weeks. The first one is Nat of Twice the Mum which is fairytale and I’m Tinkerbell and the following week it’s Bee‘s daughter Megan’s which is Disney and I’m going as Snow White. This week my Snow White shoes arrived from Spartoo and I finished off my Tinker Bell shoes with a her trade mark pom pom. I love both pairs so much and I can’t wait to wear them with my costumes and wigs! Everything looks great especially the dress Bee made for me, I can’t wait to share photos! 
Compiling Gift Guides
My third gift guide went live yesterday and I’m really getting into it. Although they take me hours to put together, they’re worth all the hard work especially when I’m told that I’ve helped someone find  gift. So far I have one with gift ideas for mums, one with gift ideas for sisters and the one I’m most proud of.. the ultimate Disney gift guide for adults. I still have two more to do, one for men, and one for friends. I’ll also be doing my wishlist, despite the fact I’m getting money for Florida for Christmas.. but a girl can dream, right?
And that’s all I have this week! Short and sweet. What have you been loving lately?
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