Friday I’m In Love #7

It’s not just me, the Internet has been insane today, right? I did a lot of my shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday last year purely by chance but this year I was ready for it. Not really for Christmas shopping.. more for bits and pieces I have put off buying for myself while I bought all my presents such as a new hair brush, new eyeliner and I may have treated myself to a Black Milk Clothing dress purely because it was 30% off. I also helped my dad do a lot of his shopping because he has been off sick this week but his laptop is pretty crappy. This week is another rather crappy week, mainly due to the fact my grandfather really isn’t well still and my mum is so upset over it all. Plus the weather has been SOOO rubbish. Poor Elsa has been tormented all week by LM. 
Because of this, you may have noticed a lot more sponsored & guest posts. I do not offer advertising on my blog, I do this instead. I do try to choose articles that I know my readers will enjoy and only accept links that I know I can work into a post I was already considering writing. Sometimes having guest posts just makes my life easier and gives me a night off. I do declare, so I hope you’ll all forgive me if it isn’t my usual rambly content… 
Speaking of rambly content, lets move onto what I’ve been loving this week!

Black Friday

I touched on this briefly above. Some places started their Black Friday deals at the beginning of the week like Amazon but for the most part, from today until Monday the internet has been taken over by the US tradition of Black Friday. In my opinion, it’s a good thing. Lets face it, Christmas is getting tighter every year so having places reduce things before the big day rather than after means if you plan properly you can get all your shopping for a fraction of the price. Yes, it’s causing chaos in stores and a lot of websites have crashed but if you plan ahead, this could be a day to really save money and still get some fab presents. The best blog i’ve found for linking to the best offers is Of Beauty and Nothingness.

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Range


In the past I have always raved about the Gingerbread Body Shop collection, but now I have a new favourite.. Glazed Apple. I have been lucky enough to get a hold of the body butter* lip balm* & the sparkler all over body shimmer (which is going to be my pixie dust tomorrow night!) and the smell is amazing. Although it doesn’t make me think of Christmas (maybe if they added a little bit of spice to it) it does smell delicious and fresh. I am a huge fan of the body butters from The Body Shop anyway, I find them so moisturising especially in the summer. But I have to admit I am in love with the body shimmer bottle, it’s so vintage looking and perfect for my dresser.

Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate 

I was craving chocolate during the week when we had none in so I came up with this dream concoction, Peanut Hottie & belgian chocolate Options with milk.. tastes just like a Reeses peanut butter cup hot chocolate, absolute dream. I think I’ve had one every night this week before bed while curled up watching Netflix, all I’ve really felt like doing this week to be honest!
Ugly Betty Re-Watch
Speaking of Netflix; this week I’ve been binge watching Ugly Betty. I stopped watching originally after the first series because it clashed with something else I watched and I forgot just how much I loved it. And how much I cried at it. I think I identify with it because I was a Betty in school, actually right through uni too. I’m not sure who I’m in love with more Betty, Henry or Daniel. I love all the themes that are covered and it leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling while watching it. I’m sad there are only 4 seasons to watch though.

Disney Engagement Rings 

Each week in my Friday I’m In Love post I do try to cover something i’ve found on Pinterest or in a blog. This week it’s these beautiful Disney Princess inspired engagement rings. Although I am no where near ever getting engaged, in fact I’m so single I don’t even have any prospects (aka, I’m not even texting anyone atm haha) a Disney inspired engagement ring is the way I would want my fictional boyfriend to go. It would show how well he knew me and would be perfect for my fictional Disney wedding haha. Of course if these aren’t your thing you can find loads of beautiful reasonably priced engagement rings on the net.

Wrap Me

As a blogger you often receive strange parcels in the mail, but I think the strangest and the one that made me laugh the most was from Wrap Me this week. Wrap Me are a company that make gift wrap out of your Instagram photos. So in the parcel there was a sheet of Instagram wrap paper and a box wrapped in this paper. The photos were of course from my Instagram and I’ll admit, the gift looked gorgeous! Then I opened it and that’s where I laughed… it was a plain pair of socks with a card that said “sometimes the wrapping paper can be more exciting than the present” what a genius campaign!


Did you get anything good in the Black Friday sales?

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