Insta-Month November

Elsa Arya joined the family // My hair now looks like a wig // LM drew her first ever face!
Paul Mitchell Event styling // #TBT with my Gramps // New Disney Couture bling
My Christmas gift wrap // LM helping decorate the tree // Tinker Bell Cosplay
The highlights were… Obviously our beautiful new kitten Elsa Arya joining the family. LM helping put up the tree and all the other Christmassy adventures we’ve been having. Meeting up with Rachel, Sian & Vicki. Paul Mitchell event followed by cocktails with Kloe. Visiting Bee & Nat‘s Fairytale murder mystery, hence the Tink get up. Fireworks with the family.
Some things I have been loving…Gift wrapping. Every becoming Christmassy. Being a cat mama. Netflix.
My favourite purchase.. Elsa, obvs.
Biggest regrets have been..That although I’ve managed to be quite busy this month in terms of things going on but on the whole, I’ve definitely let life get on top of me and let myself get really down.
Next month I hope… I have better luck! This month has just been one bad thing after another. I hope both my grandfathers get better soon.
Next month I’m looking forward to… CHRISTMAS! Dressing up as Snow White for another party. Our Christmas murder mystery. Hayley visiting. But hopefully December is going to be a good month!
As I mentioned above, despite doing some really fun things, November has sucked. We nearly lost my Grandpa, and then this weekend my Grandad fell ill too. That among other things have really got me down. Tonight I’ve been in bed since 7pm with hot honey and lemon and a box of tissues due to having this stinking cold everyone seems to have had. LM has it too. Tomorrow is going to be a very lazy day I think filled with hot soup and Disney movies. December is however my favourite month of the year and I am SO excited for Santa Claus coming and seeing LM’s little face. She gets better every year! 
What have you enjoyed this month? And what are you looking forward to next month?
Hope you all had a great October!
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