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While setting up a home office can be tricky, it does not have to break your budget. Fill your office with the necessities, but also try to make it a place where you can spend most of your time. Whether you are setting up a new business or using the space for general household responsibilities, here are five important things to include. 
1. Broadband
In most cases, you are probably going to be using the Internet to upload and download important files and documents. Your home office needs a fast and reliable broadband system to deliver the results and services you need to conduct your daily workings. Depending on your needs, telecommunications solutions companies like Com2 can offer a catered broadband package to suit your business and lifestyle. When choosing a provider, remember to look at the services they provide, like technical support, online management and tools, and high-speed efficiency. 
2. Landline
Most people use their mobile phones for everything in their daily lives, both personal and professional. A reliable landline in your home office allows you to separate your home and business. It can prevent your children from accidentally picking up a business call and provides you a way to leave separate voice mail greetings. 
3. A Place To Sit
The comfort of your office is key. How does it feel to sit at your desk for any length of time? Does your back hurt? Is your neck stiff? Are your wrists or hands strained? Choose a desk that is ergonomically effective that will help you work safely and comfortably. If you are running a business, chances are your office is where you will spend a lot of your time. Test out chairs and desks and the way they work together. You might even opt for a desk that rises to allow you to stand and work for a period of time. Whatever you choose, the place you sit has to cater to you. 
4. Filing Cabinet And Storage
Paper will accumulate no matter what. Your home office needs a place to conveniently store everything in a way that makes sense. Try to find a cabinet with multiple drawers so that you can spread out your files and organise with ease. When you think of storage, imagine both big and small. Consider investing in a bookshelf to house workbooks, tools or mementos. Desk storage is important as well: pens, paper clips and other small stationary items can easily pile up without a place to store them. 
5. Proper Lighting
Your home office is an extension of your home, but also a place that is separate. Good lighting can change the mood and setting almost instantly. Make sure the space has ample natural lighting; windows or skylights are usually perfect during the day. Natural light is easier on the eyes and can fill the space sufficiently. For work at night, choose a desk or a floor lamp that is easy on the eyes but also keeps you alert. Remember to choose lighting that reduces glare on your computer screen.
Your home office is an extension of your home but also a place for work. Make the two come together in the best way to suit your lifestyle and business dealings. What are your favourite additions to your home office? 
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