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Since we spend a great deal of time in our homes, it feels nice to change things up now and then. Our homes are also the places we most get to express our own style. But, for most of us, we rarely have adequate time or the appropriate resources to perform a full renovation. Luckily, there is more than one way to freshen up a space, and there are plenty of options available to those of us who want a new look without making a large investment. Below are four tips for giving your home a fresh look… with any renovations at all. 
Simple Additions
It’s amazing how much the addition of an item or two can change the entire mood and appearance of a space. It could be a stylish set of curtains or a brand new artistic bathroom vanity. If you need some inspiration, you can find plenty at an online homeware retailer such as Vinci Living. Swapping out a piece of furniture is another way to achieve this subtle yet significant change; consider replacing a sofa, cabinet, or bookshelf with a more modern, eye-catching version to completely change the focus of a room. Even upgrading appliances like a fridge or television can be enough to shift the balance of a room’s décor and have it feeling comfortably new. 
Musical Chairs (and Other Furniture)
Sometimes buying something new isn’t even necessary to give your home a fresh look; it can be as easy as rearranging the furniture. Experiment with different layouts to see if there’s a clever new arrangement that works for your room – you’ll be astounded at how different the space looks and feels, even though none of the individual elements have changed. 
Light It Up!
Literally. A new lighting feature or stunning chandelier alone could completely refresh the appearance of your home. A new hue of lighting can also dramatically alter how everything in a room looks, while a lighting feature itself can become a new focal point for your interior décor. 
Add Some Life to Your Home
Plants, whether potted in the backyard or on a balcony, in a vase on a coffee table, or otherwise, can do wonders for a living space. The natural colours of some new plants in your home will instantly add vibrancy to any room and positively influence the metaphorical atmosphere. Whether you use an exotic specimen as an aesthetic feature piece or just have some flowers to breathe a pleasant aroma into your home, you can’t go wrong by inviting plants into your house. 
If you’ve been feeling that your home could do with some kind of makeover, but putting it off because renovating is too difficult and time-consuming, wait no longer! There are many options for updating your home’s aesthetics without spending huge amounts of money or sacrificing hours of your time. A few strategic decisions and clever purchases is all it takes to transform your home into a place with an exciting new look… while still feeling comfortably like home.
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