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With Christmas coming next month, it’s a good idea to spend more time at home in the evenings and spend a bit less money than usual. But if you’re trying to save money by not going out in the evenings leading up to Christmas, what can you do at home that’s a bit different to sitting watching the TV night after night? Try online bingo – the up to date version of the traditional game of chance. You may be wondering what the appeal is in playing a game that your Gran used to love (and maybe she still does), but until you’ve tried the online version, you won’t know what you’re missing out on.
So which sites should you consider if you want to play online bingo? There are so many to choose from that it’s hard to know which is best at a glance. Honestly, there’s not a great deal to choose from in the main bingo sites. You should really be led by the look of the site, how easy it is to navigate and what games are on there. Most bingo sites such as 32red, Winner and Gala offer a wide range of different price games – starting out at only a penny a game. The more you pay to enter a game, the bigger the jackpot tends to be. However, bingo is never an expensive game – the stakes are always minimal, especially in comparison with the potential cash prize.
As there’s plenty of competition between the different bingo operators to win over new players, then you’ll find that the welcome bonuses can vary from site to site. A welcome bonus is an amount of free credit that new players receive when they first put in some of their own money to their account. These can be quite significant; for instance, at Winner Bingo a new player making a first deposit of £5 will receive a 500% bonus – £25 of free playing credit. And when games are only a few pence to play, that means you have a lot of free games ahead of you in that bonus amount.
Added to the bonus, once you’ve become a depositing player, you’ll also be able to join in the free games. Even though these games cost nothing to enter, they always have small prizes attached to them, so you may as well join in. As well as providing entertainment through the game of bingo, bingo sites also allow players to meet each other and chat in the bingo chat rooms. And for many people this is the main appeal of the game. The likelihood of landing a big jackpot is always slim, but you’re always guaranteed to have other people to chat to while you play the game. Even when the bingo sites are quiet, there is always a chat moderator in the chat rooms, to talk to the players who are there and to run the chat games – another way you might end up winning extra prizes.
Bingo’s just one of many internet games that you could choose to play, but what it has over other real money games is that it’s so cheap to play and has a social side attached to it, too. For a way to be entertained at home while spending very little money, you can’t beat it!
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