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Abandon those notions of tent-like maternity dresses and rethink those memories of smock inspired shirts; maternity wear these days is nothing like the 70s and 80s. It’s chic, flattering and downright stylish. So as you piece together the wardrobe that will see you through the next nine months, what are some of the most stylish and comfortable clothes that will have you feeling great?

A Great Maternity Dress

As your body begins to billow, comfort becomes a priority, so it’s great to have a go-to wardrobe item that will have you feeling a bit bohemian, super sexy or comfortably classy. That item? Well it has to be a great maternity dress.
From flowing maxi-dresses to fitted stripy numbers, finding a dress that is flattering and comfortable is easier than ever these days. Not only can you find stylish maternity wear in your garden variety department stores, but there’s some serious shopping to be done online with websites such as Maternity Sale specialising in great fashion for the expectant mother, at a very affordable price (click here to see there full range).
The great thing about maternity dresses is they can hide or highlight some surprising new attributes, leaving you looking and feeling great. You may need this at a time when fatigue and morning sickness could well be gnawing at your inner glow. Swollen ankles are no match for a lengthy maxi, shirt dresses add some tailoring to your burgeoning bustline, and fitted stretch numbers allow you to comfortably highlight that new bump. Any dress will also have you feeling extra feminine at a time when femininity is very much on your mind.

Maternity Jeans

Most of us consider jeans a wardrobe staple and pregnancy is no time to renege on this denim deal. If you love your jeans, invest in a nice maternity pair – it’s going to be well worth it. With their stretch waistband, maternity jeans grow with you and allow you to discreetly let it all hang out at the end of a long day. They also give you the freedom to go casual with a tank-top and sandals, or dress it up with a tailored shirt and heels.

Maternity Blouse

Whether you work in an office or are a stay-at-home mum, there should definitely be space in your wardrobe for a chic maternity blouse. Paired with jeans, work pants or even shorts, a modern style maternity blouse brings some tailoring into your wardrobe. This feels great during a fashion stage when stretch and knit wear are fast becoming your new best friends. From flowing prints to crisp cottons, the maternity shirt allows you to show off your new figure while ensuring the look is sharp.

Most importantly, as with any fashion, maternity wear is not just about what’s in vogue, it’s about how you feel when you wear it. If you can pair comfort with your own sense of self-esteem and style, the rest should take care of itself.
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