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Today I’m sharing my entry for Journeys are my Diary Disney Fashion Comp. As you should all know by now, Journeys are my Diary is hosted by my best friend Bee. We’re both Disney fanatics and it was one of the things we first bonded over. Over the past ten years, we have many times planned trips to Disney and in April we’ll finally be both visiting Walt Disney World in Florida at the same time. Anyway, the first place prize for this competition is £30 in Disney Store vouchers, and as I finished off LM’s birthday shopping today with one final order, I want to win purely to justify ordering myself a Jim Shaw Disney Traditions ornament.
I have put together four outfits for today, all including items that are available now and from the high street/eBay/online boutiques. So if you wish to go out and buy them, you can! It’s taken me so long to put this together because it was so hard to decide which characters to go for. Originally I wanted to do my favourite characters & outfits (Ariel in her blue dress, Anna coronation dress etc) but some of them really didn’t make great inspiration to transform them into an every day outfit. So instead I went for what was do-able. And three out for the four outfits I would 100% wear myself.
So here we are, how you can dress like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel & Snow White, without getting funny looks when you walk down the street (or into a nightclub as that’s where the Ariel outfit would be way more appropriate!) 
 Dress £66.99, Chi Chi London
Clock Bag £30, ASOS
Silver Glitter Shoes £22.99 , New Look
Black Choker £1.75, eBay
Total Cost = £131.73

 Scallop Top £16, Topshop
Mustard Skirt £19.99, H&M
Red Glitter Bow £6, Crown & Glory
Disney Couture Platinum Apple Necklace £39, Zentosa
Red Brogue Boots £38, Topshop
Red Lips Bag £20, Woolworths
Total Cost = £138.99

Metallic Top £24.99, H&M
Metallic Skirt £29.99, H&M
Black Shell Bag £24.99, Amazon
 Purple Glitter Heels £24, ASOS
Total Cost = £103.97

Purple Dress £55, The White Pepper at Topshop
Tea Roses Hairband £15, Crown & Glory
Brown Satchel £20, ASOS
Purple Pumps £22, Monsoon
Total Cost = £112
As I mentioned above, there are three of the outfits I’d wear completely, however there are certain aspects I’d want of them all. The dresses in the Cinderella outfit and Rapunzel outfit are actually ones currently on my wishlist. Of the two if either do go into the sale, I’ll definitely be buying the purple one from The Whitepepper as it’s more every day and just my style, but there is no denying the one from Chi Chi London isn’t completely beautiful. It’s actually called the Elsa dress but as soon as I saw it, it just screamed Cinderella. I also love the skirt in the Ariel one, but co-ords don’t really suit me so I’s skip the top and the brogue boots in the Snow White one. I am desperate for some red boots and they are just perfect. 
I tried to go for a statement bag than linked the outfits to the character in each. For Cinderella, the clock signifies “You must understand, my dear: On the stroke of twelve, the spell will be broken, and everything will be as it was before” and even better that the hands on the clock face are set a few minutes before midnight! For Snow White, I originally hunted for an apple shaped bag, but they’re not as popular as they were a few years ago, so I settled for an apple necklace and a lip shaped bag “The Victim of the Sleeping Death can be revived only by Love’s First Kiss.” For Ariel, I’ve gone for a shell, obviously. Rapunzel was the hardest.. I searched for a sun.. a golden flower (you know, “flower gleam and glow, let your power shine“) but in the end I settled on the brown satchel that carries the Lost Princess tiara. I think the one I choose looks pretty similar.. not as battered as Eugene’s version.. 

Unfortunately, all the outfits have come to over £100. It was so much harder than I thought to find cheap pieces (damn you Primark for not having a website!) 

You have until the stroke of midnight tomorrow night to enter and you can find the rules over on the original post here.. good luck (or not because I want to win!)
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