My Christmas List

It’s come the time in the festive season when I’m sharing my own personal Christmas List. However, as I’m now twenty six with a child of my own and no boyfriend, I’m not getting any of this for Christmas. From my parents I’m getting money to put towards my holiday & from LM I’m getting a Disney Couture necklace. So instead, this is a hypothetical Christmas Wishlist and maybe it’ll give some of my readers some ideas on what to ask for. As with all my personal wishlists it’s made up of Disney, pretty dresses, books and make up. I’m pretty predictable, huh? 
Starting in the top right, if I wasn’t getting the Disney Couture Frozen snowflake necklace, I would be asking for the “Have Faith In Your Dreams” platinum bracelet in black (RRP £39) from Zentosa. My main reason for this is because I dream of having a set of Disney Couture stacking bracelets. I do like the pink version, but the black one would go with everything. The other piece of jewellery I really want is the Pandora Tiara Ring (RRP £ 40) from Gift & Wrap. This was actually on my Christmas list last year and I still haven’t gotten around to owning it yet, it’s definitely my dream ring! On my 25th Birthday I started collecting leather bound classics, I now have 6. I would love to add A Little Princess by Francis Hodgson Burnett (RRP £9.99) to my collection as it was one of my favourites as a child. I don’t normally add clothes to a Christmas/Birthday wishlist but there are so many beauties out there at the moment, it seems wrong not to include a couple. The first is the Beatrice Navy Smock Dress (RRP £52) from Mod Dolly. I adore the clothes from Mod Dolly, they’re all handmade in London, but what draws me to this one is the colours and pattern, what a gorgeous winter dress. The second is the Sheer Panel Scallop Dress in Red (RRP £55) from The Whitepepper. Another of my favourite stores, this is like the dream Christmas day dress, I also love the lilac version that I included in my Disney Fashion entry for Journeys are my Diary‘s competition.
In the next row, Paul Mitchell Spray Wax (RRP £14.75) from Look Fantastic. This was used on my hair at last months event and I fell in love! It made my curls look amazing and last for a couple of days, I NEED it in my life! For most of this year I have had many many Disney Art of Animation books on Amazon wishlist. I want them all, but if I chose one it would have to be the Art of the Disney Princess (RRP £28.99). Another something Disney, the Peter Pan Disney Tradition (RRP £18) from The Present Shop. Peter Pan is my hero and the one character I desperate want to meet in Disney World. Mice might be LM’s favourite animal, and although I like owls, they’re almost trumped by my love of unicorns, so obviously I want this Unicorn Clutch Bag (RRP £40) by The Whitepepper I sadly cannot justify £40 on a bag, perhaps if it goes into the sale… 
Final row, all beauty. Lush. Lush in my opinion is one of the safest gifts you can buy me, next to Disney. If it’s Lush and for my bath, I’ll love it. The above are my two favourites from the Christmas range, Candy Mountain (RRP £2.75) & Star Light, Star Bright (RRP £3.50). Everyone raves about MAC, or YSL, or Chanel lipsticks.. but my favourite by miles are by DuWop. I already own Private Plum and it’s my go to lipstick for all year around. So when I found this cute little Mini Private Lipstick Trio (RRP £15, currently £13.50) on Beauty Bay, I instantly added it to my imaginary Christmas list. Finally, no Christmas list would be complete without the newest Marc Jacobs perfume, which of course is Daisy Dream (RRP £43.99) on Fragrance Direct. It smells amazing! I’ll definitely be getting it in duty free if not before!
What is on your Christmas list?
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