Friday I’m In Love #8

I’ve had another truly awful week. Not only have Little Miss and myself been absolutely flawed with the cold, but my other grandfather (not the one who is currently in hospital) has taken ill and the outlook is even worse. It’s truly heartbreaking and I know my head hasn’t been in anything this week so I apologise if my heart & soul haven’t been in my blog. I’ve been using it more as a distraction from life and shopping (as shopping is my usual distraction but I can’t really be spending money atm).
Anyway, on a more positive note. This week saw the start of Advent (not that I’m religious, I just like helping LM count down to Christmas) and we have now had Elsa for over a month! Here is what else I’ve been loving;

This week my lovely friend Rachel launched her magazine style blog Fem-tellectual. Of course I’m her target audience and not only that but she has asked me to feature monthly! So I will be linking up to that at some point. Rachel really is an inspiration. She suffers from Lupus making her every day life difficult but that doesn’t stop her. Not only does she have Fem-tellectual, she goes to uni and has a job, home and boyfriend. To say she is well rounded and hard working is an understatement. I really wish her all the luck in the world on her new endeavor. I will be reading! 

Chick Flicks 

In the long run, I never think these are great for my mental health. I’m in the middle of writing a blog post about how chick flicks have given me unrealistic expectations about love. ANYWAY, I do still enjoy them and since I’ve run out of TV shows on Netflix that I want to binge on, I’ve started on chick flicks. Runaway Bride, Crazy Stupid Love, Sliding Doors and then last night it was Pretty Woman. I have to admit all my favourite chick flicks are the ones from the 1990s and early 2000s but maybe I feel that way because I haven’t seen them for a while. I’m pretty bummed that Notting Hill & My Best Friend’s Wedding aren’t on Netflix though (although I do have the latter on DVD). I’m weird in that I enjoy watching chick flicks i’ve seen hundreds of time, it’s like slipping into a comfort zone while watching them. 

Decorating (again)
As I mentioned above, I’m doing everything within my power to distract me from life. This has of course lead to my next decorating plan.. my bathroom. The bathroom was another of the rooms I didn’t decorate before moving in as I’m simply just painting it the same colour, cream. However the walls desperately need freshened up as they are peeling in places where cabinets were removed. The theme is pink and cream so I think I’m going to chalk paint all the skirting boards pink just to give it more colour. So far I’ve only masked the areas that don’t get damp. But it’s a start and it is one room I can keep Elsa out of. I’ve also been compiling a list of what I need in the bathroom. It was one of the rooms that was practically forgotten! I need somewhere to hang the toilet roll, some form of storage for bottles in the shower & either a wall or under the sink cabinet of some form.
Murder Mystery Madness
Last Saturday I headed to my best friend Bee‘s for another of her infamous murder mystery dinner party. This time it was for Nat of Twice the Mum and it was Fairytale themed so you can imagine how excited I was. I got the part of Tinker Bell and on the whole, I loved it. I decided to invest in a wig that I could use for cosplaying, and I made my own shoes but I couldn’t find a dress. In the end I settled for one that was a size too small and had no give in it due to the boning (but no corset either so I couldn’t even pull myself into it!) and although after a few drinks I felt okay seeing the photos I know 100% I am not a size 10! The murder mystery was such fun but I was pretty drunk and probably annoyed the hell out everyone! It was great to catch up again though as it’s been a while since Halloween when I last saw everyone.. On Saturday I’m off again to another mystery dinner party, this time Disney themed and Bee has made me the most AMAZING Snow White dress! Once the weather fairs up I will be doing a cosplay outfit post.. and then whenever I’m skinny enough to fit nicely into the Tink dress that will follow.
Secret Santas
I’ve ended up taking part in three secret santas this year. One was with ASOS, which seems so badly organised that I’m terrified I won’t even get a parcel however thankfully I’ll only be £1 out of pocket. Secondly I’m taking part in one with my Whatsapp ladies, I know I will get one because this is one organised by friends so if someone doesn’t send out we can collectively kick their butts. And the third is a last minute Disney secret santa organised by the sweetie pie that is Sam! All my gifts are now ordered for the latter two, just waiting for them to arrive so I can send them next week.
Tsum Tsum Game 

If you’re a Disney fan, you’ll be familiar with Tsum Tsum, the cute cuddly Disney plushes that you can collect in Japan & the US. They’re not yet available over here but there is a game you can play. It’s a bit like free fall but it’s Disney. I’ve become addicted to it as some of the Tsum Tsum’s are limited! I finally got a hold of Anna the other day after saving my points for a week straight. It’s addictive, I’ll warn you now. It’s available in the iTunes store if you just search for “Tsum Tsum”

Scarphelia Part Deux
A couple of weeks back I talked about a fab post by Scarphelia, well this lovely lady has done it again and her blog is fast becoming one of my favourites due to her beautiful eloquence and brutal honesty. This week she openly talked about the “Zoella book issue” I’m not a fan of her, probably because i’m not her audience. I just find her annoying and fake. Also finding out she didn’t even write the bloody book didn’t sit well with me (especially when you read some of the crap in it!) Anyway, Scarphelia says everything I’m feeling about it. Then yesterday she posted another complete gem; How To Not Completely Loose Your Shit as an Online Creator.
What have you been loving this week?
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