Christmas Ideas for Men (Brothers, Dads, Male Friends etc)

Every year I say (and write) this, but I find men so incredibly hard to buy for. Luckily I only have my dad, my sister’s boyfriend and my best friend’s boyfriend to buy for. Bee told me what to get her other half thankfully, because otherwise I would have had no idea! Thankfully my sister’s boyfriend and my dad are very into pop culture and geekery meaning I can generally find something that would do for them. Like with all my gift guides the gifts I have chosen are inspired by people I know but this one more so since I’m single I don’t have a very rounded view of what men these days are into! And as usual this years gift guides are divided into three price ranges; Over £50, £20 – £50 and under £20. 

Starting with the high budget gifts. For me, if I have been struggling with a “big” gift in the past for a boyfriend a watch is my fall back idea. Watches2U have some very nice Skagen watches which are very reasonably priced for a designer time piece. The one above is £105 and has a leather strap so you know it’s going to last. One of my exes was really into his music and owned a few guitars, back then though you couldn’t get anything like the Iron Man 3/4 Rockmaster Electric Guitar (RRP £99.99) from Truffle Shuffle. If you could have I would have 100% bought that for him, because even if he didn’t think the sound was good, there is no denying that it’s awesome! No if you’re looking for something for a man who likes his hobbies, why not treat him to the Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider Making Kit (RRP £52) from Urban Outfitters? Urban Outfitters is officially the home of cool & quirky gifts as I also found this Impossible Instant Lab Camera in Black (RRP £150) perfect for the techno minded lad. 
In the mid-range price bracket I found something that would be perfect if you’re lucky enough to have a Disney loving man; the Handsome Prince washbag (RRP £20) from Selfridges. It would go perfectly if you’re lucky enough to have received the Fairest of them All one. Something that never fails to go wrong with most guys is anything related to Game of Thrones. I have in fact for a second year running bought my dad a GoTs t-shirt and for his birthday every year my sister and I go halves on a box set. So if you know a guy who has yet to get into the show, why not pick up the Season 1-3 Game of Thrones boxset (RRP £32) from Amazon. Couldn’t be a gift guide without including some form of “smellies” so how about this Modern Gents Shaving Kit (RRP £25) from The Body Shop? Finally, something that never goes wrong with my sister’s other half and my dad is alcohol. I have in the past when really stuck for my dad bought him a nice bottle of whiskey like this Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Distillery Edition (RRP £45) as I know it’s something he’ll enjoy with his friends. Thankfully having worked in a half decent hotel I know what I’m looking for when it comes to whiskey which is something my dad at least always appreciates (even if it makes me cough when I join in with their “what whiskey?” game).
I found some awesomely geeky gems for my Under £20 section. My sister’s boyfriend and a lot of boyfriends of my friends are REALLY into Breaking Bad so when I found this Heisenberg T-shirt for £12.99 from Blue Banana (who even knew that was still a shop) I had to include it. Mainly for it’s bargain price. The next gift makes me really wish I had a geeky boyfriend purely because I want to buy it for someone! It’s a Star Wars Millennium Falcon Metal Construction Kit (RRP £9.99) from IWOOT. I love Star Wars myself so it would probably be a present for him that’s really for me sort of thing. They also do R2-D2, an AT-AT, X-Wing Fighter and an Imperial Star Destroyer! Got a grumpy old man to buy for? You can’t go wrong with a Statler and Waldorf mug (RRP £6.99) from Truffle Shuffle or if you know an incredible hulk, how about these awesome Hulk Cufflinks (RRP £19.99) also from Truffle Shuffle.
I have one more gift guide to do later on this week, filled with stocking fillers for men, women and children. I really hope these gift guides have helped you out because I have really enjoyed doing them!
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