Mon(fri)day I’m In Love #9*

So I missed my Friday I’m in Love post on Friday as it was #ChristmasJumperDay and I wanted to post some very tragic outfits that day. Then this weekend I have been lucky enough to have Hayley to visit which has kept me going while my family goes through this tough time. On Saturday we were in Edinburgh enjoying the Christmas Market & Hard Rock Cafe, then yesterday we went out for lunch in my hometown. It’s been lovely having company in the evening. But she’s left today and service has to sort of resume.
I wanted to do a belated Friday I’m In Love as I need to focus on the positive things in my life as at the moment it’s incredibly hard for myself and my family. This is supposed to be a joyous time of year full of revelry and happiness but it’s so hard at the moment. I especially wanted to do this post today after receiving two lots of bad news. I need to remember there are silver linings even if they are hard to see at the moment. 
Disney Pants from Primark & Topshop
One of my favourite things about being single is I NEVER have to think about sexy underwear, comfort all the way! So naturally I’m drawn to the AWESOME Disney boy pants in Topshop & Primark at the moment. Last week I ordered three pairs from Topshop (the three on the left) for £10 (along with a pair of rose gold glitter pumps I’d wanted and were reduced) and then on Saturday I picked up the Olaf & Ariel pants from Primark, the Ariel ones were £1.50 and the Olaf ones £2. I now have 12 pairs of Disney pants and apart from the days I need to wear seamless pants, they’re all I wear. 
Libby’s Response to Girl Online
If you haven’t heard of all the drama surrounding Zoella’s “book” Girl Online, you’ve been living under a rock. I have really enjoyed reading some of the responses to different sections of the drama. This week however I REALLY loved Libby of Gingerbread Buttons post focusing on the way anxiety (as a disorder) has been handled in the book. It’s a brilliant argue and I agree with pretty much all the points. Being an anxiety sufferer myself for the past two years to the point where I’ve had to be medicated to cope with every day life as a direct result of the domestic relationship I was in means I personally know what it is to suffer with the condition and I personally find the fact the main character was “cured” of this after finding a “perfect” boyfriend offensive. Along with many other aspects within the book. I haven’t personally read it, but Libby has so her arguement is worth a read. 
Schmidt Lip Syncs Rhianna 
The other day I came across the most perfect thing on the Internet. If you watch New Girl you HAVE to see this. Still makes me laugh no end. 
Kitten Cuddles in Bed
It’s so cold up here at the moment that my favourite thing to do is get into bed with my kitten Elsa. When Little Miss goes to bed at 7pm, I tidy up downstairs before heading up to my room armed with Netflix and a cup of tea. It has been the best thing this winter. My bed is so comfortable, it’s a small double which is perfect for me as a singleton. It even has a memory foam mattress and I recently put my flannel sheets on to make it extra cosy. Elsa loves it too and ever since bringing her home she’s chosen to sleep with me.
Winning £100 in Disney Store vouchers with Floridatix
The other week I entered a competition with Floridatix, you had to fill in a tag related to the parks in Orlando. Well I found out I won first prize which is £100 to spend in The Disney Store! It really gave me the boost I needed as this week and last week have been so rough! I’m planning on keeping a hold of it until the sale starts but I also want to treat myself to a Disney Tradition & a mini canvas like the one I bought for LM’s room.
What have you been loving this week?
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