Educational Content // 4 Degrees That Will Stand the Test of Time*

It’s tough when you aren’t sure what direction you want your life to take. The great news is that many new or relatively young career fields are growing into promising realms of employment and opportunity. In addition, some areas of study may not seem new or unusual, but they are growing consistently and have a definite edge thanks to the services they offer. The following degrees are not just a portal into an exciting and valuable career, but they are based in essential wants and needs that guarantee their security for many decades to come. 
Heartbleed and other deeply concerning internet issues have made this college major red hot. You will take courses related to privacy, information protection, and most exciting of all, how to penetrate these layers of security. This field is set to grow simply because of how essential computers and networks have become to all businesses. A degree in cybersecurity could net you a job working for any company you wish. For ultimate job security, consider working in cybersecurity for the public sector. The Pentagon, for example, is expected to add more than 4,000 cyber command experts to their ranks. 
Game Design 
Entertainment is like food. Even in hard times, everyone spends money on it, especially during the holidays. People of all ages play games for different reasons, and thanks to today’s fast- paced, stimulus-driven environment, this is a better time to take up gaming as a professional field than ever before. Plenty of schools now offer a full major and curriculum for game design, and you can specialize as a writer, programmer, animator, artist, and more. If you love games beyond a hobby, go for it. Any aspect of this blossoming technology is yours for the taking. 
Conflict Resolution 
Human beings are complicated. People haven’t figured out how to get along with each other consistently in the workplace, and they likely never will, hence the need for mediators. You don’t have to work in one branch of a company, either. You could work in a mediation firm and work with companies of all kinds, solving the universal problems brought on by emotions and misunderstandings. Requirements for mediation and conflict resolution vary by state, but for true security no matter where you go, you can prove your skills by getting a masters in conflict resolution through an accredited university. 
Helping individuals or companies go green is a monumental task that demands more and more intelligent and savvy people. The world is not going to get cleaned up overnight, and as the population skyrockets each decade, the issue of environmental protection and sustainable practices will just create a larger demand for this major. There’s no better time to make this passion a true part of your life and legacy. 
These are just four wildly different areas to study in college, all with great prospects. It’s vital to go into college for something that means a lot to you, and these days there’s bound to be something that not only can net you a great job, but will be fun to learn about as well.
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