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If you’re the kind of family that goes in for home-made crackers on the Christmas table, you’ll have discovered by now that it’s sometimes difficult to find a fun and interesting gift that will fit inside something the size of a loo roll tube!
Finding good cracker gifts is not always easy, but if you make the effort to choose a different gift for everyone around the table, it adds a really personal touch to the occasion.
But, as Christmas Day draws ever closer and if you’ve still got a few crackers left to fill, why not take an easy option and buy those people a lottery ticket to go inside their crackers. There are a lot of different lotteries that you can take part in online now, so you don’t have to buy everyone a UK National Lottery ticket; you can mix it up a little. For example, you could buy them for the two big lotteries in the States too – such as Powerball and Mega Millions.
People can play mega millions tax free in UK – that means if you happen to purchase a winning ticket, there’s no tax to pay on the prize if you live outside the US. So a win for anyone without US residency would be even better than for a US citizen. Mega Millions once paid out $656,000,000 – the world’s largest ever single lotto prize. And under the new rules, the top prize jackpot could actually one day reach one billion dollars. Imagine what a Christmas gift that would turn out to be!
Playing online has an advantage for you too, because the first time you buy tickets at a site such as Lottoland, you can opt for a Money Back Guarantee – where you get your money back on any tickets that don’t win prizes. So you (or your cracker recipients) will be playing for free, effectively.
If one of your Christmas guests happened to win the lottery with the ticket you’d purchased for them, you could be pretty sure that they would share their success with you, and if not, you’d be quite justified in striking them off the invitation list for next year’s Christmas gathering!
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