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There has been a shift in the recruitment and hiring industries over recent years. Now the attitude of candidates receives as much – or sometimes more – weighting as their aptitude to perform a certain role. In their quest to match people’s personality and work style to the right role and team at the right organisation, many recruiters and human resources departments like Chandler Macleod are now using a combination of psychometric testing applications, psychology based testing and interviews to assess and place candidates. Below you’ll find more information about some of the tests that you may come across while you’re searching for your next job.


What Is Psychometric Testing?
Put simply, the types of tests that you may be asked to complete are exercises that are designed to help the recruiters really understand you as an employee. It helps give a better picture of the types of personalities you work well with, what is important to you and how your values and personality fit in a professional setting.

How Does It Benefit Jobseekers?
Because you’re matched to employers and teams whose values mirror your own, you’re more likely to be placed in a role that’s going to give you long term job satisfaction. These tests can also help put you in an organisation with a culture that will enable you to thrive professionally. It can be hard to gauge what a manager will be like to work with from an interview alone, so this psychology based approach is just as beneficial to you as it is to prospective employers. It may even help give you an edge over your competitors, even those who are more qualified or experienced. People can learn how to do a job or perform a task, but it isn’t so easy to learn how to be happy in an environment that just isn’t right for you.

Is It Trustworthy?
In most cases, yes. It is however important to note that not all tests are created equal. There have been some high profile cases in the UK whereby government departments were found to be using substandard testing software that produced the same result for people who put in completely different responses. While there will always be rogue cases like that, reputable recruitment agencies will use a customisable, vendor neutral system that utilises the most up to date technology rather than an out of the box ‘one size fits all’ assessment. Where possible, try to ensure that you’re being assessed with a reputable psychometric testing application. High calibre recruitment agencies attract similar clients so you should always be wary if you get any ‘red flag’ warning signals from the people doing your initial screening and assessments for a role.

Jobseekers don’t need to fear psychometric assessment; it can be just as beneficial for them as it is for employers and recruiters to ensure that they are being placed with a company they want to work for.

Did you have to undergo psychometric assessment when applying for your current role?
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