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Firstly, originally I had absolutely no intention of blogging until I finally got my blog switched over to self hosted WordPress. I wanted a new start along with the new year. However it’s taking longer than I first anticipated due to Enom delaying in releasing my domain. I could of course have this page redirect to a WordPress one but it seems silly to mess around then to only have to try and switch it back when my domain name is finally switched over. I’m really not the most technical minded so I’d prefer to only sort it once. So here I am again! I have loads of new content planned to go onto the shiny new Cocktails in Teacups including some delayed round up posts and Christmas posts. I also want to do a new year resolutions post. But for today, here is an outfit post, or what will be from now on referred to as a personal style post.

For anyone who followed me back at the beginning of 2014, you’ll remember my second post last year was also an outfit post because I swore I was going to try harder with posting them. I personally love my sense of style and I have always wanted to document it. I think I did rather well for the first half of the year, but then I started to have some self esteem problems due to my skin being rubbish and not maintaining my weight. I’m trying a more positive mind set for 2015, which will hopefully coax my self esteem back along with the fact as of tomorrow I’m starting Slimming World which I’m both excited and terrified about!

To try and motivate me into doing more personal style posts, every week until our holiday in April I will be posting an outfit including something I’m taking with me. I have collected a fair few Disney items of clothing over the past few months that I will be packing in my case, and as it’s very unlikely I’ll be in any photos from our trip I’m going to share my outfits before I go. Obviously as you’ll see today, they’re not exactly Florida appropriate (it’ll be in the 80s when we go in April seemingly, while at the moment it’s in the 50s here) they’ll of course have more flesh on show while visiting the sunshine state.

The light in my kitchen is rubbish atm, this is with the light on (which is a natural light strip light).

Before I bore you all, here is what I wore New Years Day 2015.

Cocktails in Teacups Personal Style Outfit Post Black Milk Clothing Aladdin Dress Whole New World

Cocktails in Teacups Personal Style Outfit Post Black Milk Clothing Aladdin Dress Joules Wellies

Cocktails in Teacups Personal Style Outfit Post Black Milk Clothing Aladdin Dress Joules Wellies Shoetique

Cocktails in Teacups Personal Style Outfit Post Black Milk Clothing Aladdin Dress Close Up

Cocktails in Teacups Personal Style Outfit Post Black Milk Clothing Aladdin Dress Pulling Faces

Slouchy Cardigan (ancient) – H&M
A Whole New World Scoop Skater Dress $95 AUD – Black Milk Clothing
Silver Heart Necklace £4.50, Charmed Ivy
Pandora Bracelet (gift)
Trasparenze Gennifer Merino Wool Tights* £11.99, UKTights
Joules Kelly Welly in Magenta* £33.20, Shoetique

The year of Disney of course needed to be kicked off with a Disney dress. I have lusted after a piece of the Princesses & Villains collection by Black Milk Clothing since it was launched. I originally ordered leggings in the A Whole New World print but when they arrived they were too big so I just went for a refund rather than waiting for them to be handmade (the whole collection sold out within hours). I’m so glad I waited as on Black Friday this dress was $59. It’s back up to full price now though. Having worn it today, felt how fantastic the quality and love the fit I really wish I’d bought another now while they were on sale, in particular either the Tale as Old as Time or the Vintage Alice in the same style. I can’t recommend the quality, cut and pattern enough, shame they’re just so expensive..

The cardigan is ancient, I just needed something warm to wear over it, and I figured it would look great teamed with my new wellies. I was sent these absolutely gorgeous pink Joules wellies by Shoetique just before Christmas but due to losing my grandfather a few days later it just never felt appropriate to wear bright coloured footwear during our morning period. But today has been so stormy AND the beginning of a new year so I took them for a test run. They are the most comfortable and warm wellies I have ever owned. I can tell during the school run we’re going to be best friends. I have never spent more than £10 on wellies before and they’re always cold and hard, but these are just fantastic. If you’re someone who wears wellies a lot, they’re worth the investment.

As I mentioned above it has been terribly stormy today which meant wool tights to keep my legs warm. Merino wool tights really are a cut above the rest, I swear by them if all my fleece lined ones are in the wash. Since it was a special occassion (well, sort of..) I wore my Pandora bracelet for the first time in ages, it’s just getting so heavy for daily wear and my cute heart necklace from Charmed Ivy.

So that is my first personal style post featuring one of my many Disney dresses. Is this something you’re looking forward to seeing more of on Cocktails in Teacups? I can’t wait to get the new blog up and running as I have so many plans!

Hope you have all had a wonderful new year, and all the best for 2015!

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