In Retrospect // Christmas 2014

As I was on hiatus due to family stuff from the middle of December and then my blog has been moving from blogger to self hosted, I didn’t really get a chance to share any Christmas photos. In 2014 I am hoping to share a little more about life with Little Miss, including more photos. I’m tired of living behind blacked out windows and forcing my friends to do the same. Although, I didn’t actually take that many of LM as she’s going through the phase where she won’t pose for photos (or stay still) so I’m trying to keep the camera out of her face until Florida.  Anyway, I’m on another tangent.

Despite the sadness that surrounded December this year, we did all manage to have a festive time. Thankfully the kids knew no different which was the important thing. As usual Little Miss received a lot of beautiful gifts from various family members, friends, myself and of course from Santa Claus. Every year she gets more and more excited as she becomes more aware of what is going on. We spent the morning at ours, then we went to my parents before returning home to sleep. It was a lovely day and I think LM being such a little gem helped us all get through knowing my Grandad wasn’t around and my Grandpa was in hospital.

I’ve divided the photos up into Christmas eve and Christmas day. Some are definitely better than others, my current lense isn’t great for catching LM at her quickest and in minimal light. It’s still very picture heavy though!

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Eve Box

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Eve Pjs

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Eve Reindeer Food

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Eve 3

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Eve 2

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Eve

We spent most of Christmas eve at my mum’s house. It was so nice to have all the family together and my dad was completely wonderful. I had been incredibly worried that we’d not be able to put our grieving on hold for the kids sake but everyone did great. In the afternoon my dad took my sister and I out to Next so he could buy the kids an outfit each (a tradition) and something for my mum to wear on their Christmas night out. Then we went for coffee in M&S. It was so nice to spend time with my dad. Once we returned home LM put out the food for the reindeer before her bath. After her bath we put out a biscuit she decorated for Santa Claus and hung her stocking before bedtime. This was the first year making her a Christmas Eve box and she really appreciated having a new story to read at bedtime (Angelina at Christmas, she’s a huge fan of that ballerina mouse). Once she was asleep I played Santa Claus before I headed to bed.

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Morning

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Morning 2

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Morning 3

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Dinner 3

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Dinner 4

Cocktails inTeacups Christmas Dinner 2

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Dinner

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Dinner 5

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Dinner 6

Christmas day was just as great as Christmas eve, but more magical. Once again I had to wake LM. I’d already been down to open my gifts and Elsa’s gifts (for a kitten she got a lot and loved every moment of playing in the paper!) At first she didn’t know what to do with her and after having a good look around she went to go back up the stairs! After coaxing her to the sack of gifts left in place of her cookie and telling her they were from Santa Claus she perked up and a bit and started opening. Opening gifts with a two year old is a slow process, it took us almost two hours. We’d just finished when my parents arrived. My dad bless him came fully dressed as Santa Claus and it had the most beautiful moment with LM. She understands that it’s Grandad and not the real Santa but she still loves it. He brought her more gifts exclusively from him, a Frozen castle, some Frozen characters and a Frozen outfit. He knows her well. Then we all went to their house. This is the first year my sister & nephew weren’t coming, having opted to have Christmas day at home with her partner. I went to visit my Nanny before dinner as it was her first Christmas alone with my Grandfather being in hospital. When I arrived back I helped my mum get our three course dinner ready, breaded brie for starters, full Christmas fare for mains and then a GU pot each for dessert as we’re always too full for a real dessert. LM’s favourite part was the crackers. The afternoon was quiet, my mum went to visit her dad in hospital with her sisters so my dad, LM and I watched Frozen (as my dad had never seen it!) then Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I stayed long enough to have a whiskey cream before my mum took us home. LM played with her new dolls house and then it was bedtime. All over for another year.

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas After Math

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Aftermath

Cocktails in Teacups Christmas Aftermath 3

LM was truly lucky with everything she received for Christmas, I’d say 90% of it was Disney. Everything is now away and our tree is down, aside from the change in toys in the lounge it’s like Christmas never happened. Isn’t that always the way?

Did you all have a nice Christmas?

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