Friday I’m In Love #10

I’m really back into my blogging schedule now. Post every day this week, but I’ve also managed to loose a ton of followers… I know technically number aren’t everything but as I’m trying my hardest to post better content since moving to self hosted it is a little disheartening. What is it everyone isn’t liking at the moment?  

Anyway, before I get myself too upset, I wanted to share my loves from the past week. This is one feature that is staying for the time being on the blog. Sometimes I just need to be reminded that even though I’m having a bad week for various reasons, be it illness, Little Miss playing up or just circumstances, there is always something good to focus on. This week hasn’t been too bad, Little Miss has been a wee bit trying but what two year old’s aren’t? I’m also pretty tired due to the fact I’m only having one coffee a day.. and money is tight at the moment, but again everyone is in the same boat come January.  

So this week, I’ve been loving



My Beauty Seen win arrived this week. As ever I sometimes can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am when it comes to blog and Twitter competitions. In December I won with Crown & Glory and Beauty Seen. The Beauty Seen prize was all three Naked palettes! I was so over the moon because I have been after Naked & Naked 2 for ages but I just couldn’t justify the price! They’re beautiful and I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay eyeshadows as they’re highly pigmented and long lasting. Can’t wait to have a play with them. They’re still in their boxes because they look to beautiful to mess up but I know I’ll crack soon enough!  

Last Friday I joined Slimming World, unofficially anyway. My parents and sister went last year and still had all their books and notes that my mum kindly donated to me. I want to loose just over a stone for Florida in April as I’d like to give myself some room to gorge while out there. I found the first few days complicated, trying to keep a track of what was Healthy As, Health Bs, syns and free foods, but finally I think I’m getting to grips with it. I can’t believe how much you can eat! Including pasta, potatoes and BACON as long as all the fat is removed. I have made some delicious meals this week. I am missing cheese (you can only have quark and it’s just not as nice as a big slab of brie) and bread, especially toast with lots of butter. And obviously chocolate. But on the whole, it’s great. Today was my first weigh in and I’ve lost 3lbs! I’m pretty excited as this was my “practice” week!  

This week was also my first week blogging from my self hosted Word Press. It’s taking me a little to get use to the editing of the post (mainly because I’m a perfectionist and like everything the same) but aside from that, I love it. It’s a little frustrating that it’s going to take my months to sort out all my links but that’s something I expected. I love my layout although I’m yet to get a header (due to money constraints). Pipdig was an absolute start not only for installing my layout but for helping me with a host of teething problems I had with my feed. I cannot recommend him enough! Thank you Chloe for the tip off. Please continue to bare with me, once I have a header and sorted my link, I will have an official launch with a giveaway. My best friend Bee of Journeys are my Diary has also moved over, she was a great help pointing me in the right direction of generally using WordPress!


Cocktails in Teacups Friday I'm In Love January 9 

I only made three sale purchases, one was a new make up caddy from Boots and another was a pack of three Mini DuWop Private lipsticks from Beauty Bay. I included it on my Christmas wishlist because I am a huge fan of DuWop lipsticks, so much so I’ve sold practically all my MAC ones. What I love about the DuWop Private collection is morph into the perfect shade for each person. I have had Private Plum for about a year and it’s my favourite lipstick. It goes on smooth and lasts ages. It also doesn’t dry my lips out which is my main problem with MAC. The texture is perfect for someone who has chapped lips in the winter like me. I really want to get more now! The service from Beauty Bay was pretty awesome too. My final sale purchase I’ll share next week when they arrive.


Cocktails in Teacups Friday I'm In Love January 09 

Finally, this week Little Miss has started attending nursery 5 days a week (only for 3 hours a time) meaning I’ve had the chance to blog during the day! A rarity I know. So I’ve blogged during the day and in the evening i’ve been doing a lot of Florida research. Last night it was Lynx bus timetables and routes. I want to be completely prepared for when we go. Usually I have a pretty rough idea of where I’ll be each day, but for WDW it needs to be even more planned than I ever imagined since there is so much to see and do in such a small amount of time. I have so many notes now that I even confuse myself. I’m looking at purchasing a Disney World Planner from etsy. I figured it would be nice to keep and put into my photo album or scrapbook too. Need to get a printer first though since my parents has recently packed in!  

What have you been loving this week?

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