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A Wednesday Wishlist – Holiday Shopping

So, rather surprisingly to me, it turns out my Walt Disney World planning posts are actually incredibly popular! I was only planning on doing them once a month or every 30 days, but since they’re enjoyed so much I’m posting my holiday shopping wishlist today as something to bridge the gap. Today marks 81 days until we go, and my next proper update post isn’t until 60 days I’m afraid so you’ll all have to make do with this until then. 

I have to admit, I’m pretty well organised as far as collecting bits and pieces goes. This week I went over to Home Bargains and restocked my first aid kit to include some child friendly thing (as this is my first holiday with LM alone). I think I have everything I want for Little Miss, or will have after her birthday. I’m only missing a purse (to keep her money separate from mine) and for Easter i’m buying her a crayon tote to fill with stuff to entertain her on the flight. I think my mum is chipping in for that since we’re away over Easter. Oh, and a portable booster seat and potty, but there will be more on all that when I share the contents of my hand luggage (as it’ll be vastly different from my hand luggage when I travel alone. There are still a few bits and pieces I’d like to get for myself but if I’m honest, I could probably live without them.. hence this being a wishlist.

Cocktails in Teacups Holiday Shopping Wishlist 

Starting at the top left. Although I have (or will have) ten outfits (well dresses and one skirt) for my trip, I know most nights I’ll be heading back to the hotel to let LM have a nap which will probably result in me taking a shower. And after a shower I’ll want to put on clean clothes.. which is my reason for wanting a few more dresses, I’m standing by that. Anyway, I’m so in love with my Black Milk Clothing Whole New World dress that I featured in my first outfit post this year, that I really want another one.. even though they’re so expensive. They’re such good quality and so flattering that I’m trying to convince myself it’s an investment. I adore this Vintage Alice patterned one but at $95 AUS, it’s probably more than I can spare at the moment. A similar style dress but at a fraction of the price is this Lilo & Stitch Floral dress from Hot Topic. I actually have two similar, one Frozen and one Tangled but what really dress me to this dress is the colours… nothing to do with the fact we’re having breakfast at ‘Ohana… honest. It’s $34.50 USD and if I do place a Hot Topic order before I head out this will almost definitely be in it. Final item of clothing is this mermaid inspired t-shirt by Adorkable. I thought it would look cook with my green bikini bottoms when walking around the pull area.. I do like to have some form of cover up and with my red hair this will definitely finish off the Ariel look I’m going for. I would never normally go for crop style tops but my bottoms are high waisted.  

As hand luggage i’m only taking my rucksack and LM’s Little Life bag meaning everything will be chucked in my bag. As this is at time quite frustrating when you can’t find anything I’ve decided to invest in a handbag organiser for £1.95 from Amazon. It’ll fit all the important bits that may get lost in the depths of my bag. It’ll also work while in the parks when I’m using my hobo bags. As I’ve mentioned a few times I’ve decided to only take my DSLR if I get a smaller lens so I have my eye on a 50mm lens. I borrowed my friends while I was at Niagara Falls and it took some beautiful photos. It was great at close up which would work for Character Meets and getting detail on parades and the fireworks. It’s a very random tradition of mine but I like to get a new purse to take on holiday. I hate the idea of swapping all my UK purse stuff for my holiday stuff, I’d prefer just to have two. I’m DEFINITELY going to treat myself to this gorgeous Snow White kiss lock purse from Amazon. In fact I might just order it tonight!  

Finally beauty bits at the bottom. I thankfully still have all my holiday beauty stuff from last summer (factor 50 fluid, waterproof mascara, anti-shine powder, anti frizz serum etc) but there are a few bits that I need to replace. First up it’s Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. This stuff is amazing in hot weather. With my hair being naturally Hermione Granger-esq I need to style it even when on holiday. Short of tying it up every day which I hate, the best way to deal with it is to let it dry naturally with salt spray in it for that beach-y look. Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray is the best i’ve found and a little bit goes a long way, which is why I usually buy the travel size for £9.50. I want to take the temptation of duty free perfume away by taking my own this time. Aside from all my big Marc Jacob’s bottles I have two The Fragrance Library sprays but they’re both winter smells (Snow & Gingerbread). I’d like to get a hold of a nice summery scent like the Lemon Meringue or Daisy. Finally, I mentioned my love of DuWop lipsticks in last weeks Friday I’m In Love post, but the colours are all wintery! I’d love to get the same set but in more summer friendly colours for my trip, the set is currently £15 from The Hut.  

I think that would see me finished! Exciting huh?

Do you like to make a shopping wishlist before you even go on holiday? Or do you save all your money for when you get there?

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