Friday I’m In Love #11

Yes, we’ve reached that time in the week where it’s my Friday I’m In Love post.. I can’t believe how quickly it has come around! Next Friday I’m going to visit my best friend Bee, I haven’t seen her in over a month and so much has happened. I’m looking forward to spending time with her chatting (probably a lot about Florida eee!) and just enjoying being best friends who are actually in the same room together instead of always just talking over social media or texts. Long distance relationships as best friends suck. Anyway, in the mean time I’m sort of just living quietly. I was a bit disappointed at only loosing 1lb this week on Slimming World but I have basically been in a vegetable state with all the storms. Hopefully next week I can get back to walking everywhere. My parents sent over my inheritance this week so I have got a little spend happy. I was saving it for Florida but I’ve used it instead to get some things for Florida, all toiletries. Taking a kid with ridiculously sensitive skin means expensive organic products sadly such as suncream and aftersun. Never mind, she’s worth it!  

So this week, my Friday loves include;  


Libby’s favourite bloggers post, did actually make me cry a wee bit. Not only did she name me as one of her favourite bloggers of 2014, which is an honour in itself, but she also drew a fantastic picture to go with it, that is now part of my new layout header. I love her style, and she did a great job. I definitely think she should get back into art as she definitely has a defined style. You can see the other bloggers she included over on her blog Gingerbread Buttons.  

Watching random Nickelodeon movies on Netflix. At the moment while all my favourite shows are on their midseason hiatus (or in Game of Thrones’ case, not yet started) I need to entertain myself with something else in the evening. Last year I watched Pokemon, this year I’m watching Nickelodeon movies. So far I’ve watched Hey Arnold and both Rugrats movies. I’ve clearly never grown up. I’m even tempted to watch Sabrina from the beginning again which was my choice two years back. I wish Netflix UK wasn’t so rubbish though. If I could I’d be watching FRIENDS..


Cocktails in Teacups Friday I'm In Love BOOHOO 

My holiday shoes arrived from Boohoo this week, which I will be breaking in before I go. I actually got the exact same style as I have in red because those were lifesavers while I was in the US back in August. I stupidly wore sandals on my first day and walked miles in crazy heat causing the worlds biggest blisters. For the rest of the holidays I wore my red t-bars and they were amazing. This time I’m only taking flip flops for the pool and only wearing my t-bars. They were in the Boohoo sale at just over £12 each, meaning I got two pairs for the same price as my old red pair.  

1989 by Taylor Swift. My sister got it for Christmas and has in her car at the moment. I think I love every song on it. Taylor Swift is my ultimate guilty pleasure, despite it being the hit I think Blank Space is my favourite on 1989.


Cocktails in Teacups Friday I'm In Love Caramelised Apple Green Tea 

Twining’s Caramalised Apple Green Tea. Yes, I’ve become a green tea drinker. I have tried a few times in the past but the after taste made me gag. But as I’m seriously trying to shift weight I thought I should incorporate green tea into my diet. After a few nights reading Slimming World forums I kept seeing the new Twinings flavours popping up so when I went shopping on Wednesday I picked a packet up. They’re alright. I can drink them at least. Next week I’m going to give salted caramel a go instead.  

What have you been loving this week?

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