Personal Style // For The First Time in Forever, I’m Getting What I’m Dreaming Of

Well there was always going to be a Frozen outfit SOMEWHERE, right? In fact, I have two Frozen patterned dresses, and one Anna coronation inspired dress to take on holiday with me, so technically that makes this one the first of three. This is also the first of my handmade dresses. I bought this one last summer before I’d even decided I wanted all Disney inspired outfits to take on holiday. I saw it on a lovely lady called Lisa’s Instagram selling page and I knew I just had to have it. Not only is it one of the very rare Disney pieces she’s ever made but the cut is one of the rare ones that flatter my body these days. It was so long ago that I can’t even remember what I paid.. This is only the second time I’ve worn it but I’m looking forward to it’s outing in Disney World in a few months.


Cocktails in Teacups Personal Style Frozen Fashion  

Cocktails in Teacups Personal Style Frozen Fashion Handmade dress  

Cocktails in Teacups Personal Style Frozen Fashion Full Length  

Cocktails in Teacups Personal Style Frozen Fashion Make Up  

Cocktails in Teacups Personal Style Frozen Fashion Disney Couture Snowflake Necklace  

Cocktails in Teacups Personal Style Frozen Fashion Details  

Cocktails in Teacups Personal Style Frozen Fashion Anna Inspired Ears  

Black Cardigan £6, Primark
Handmade Frozen Dress by Li Li’s Bootique
Black Belt £4.99 (pack of two), New Look
Grey Knitted Tights £3.99, Primark
Boots (traded for), Vinted
Disney Couture Snowflake Necklace (Christmas gift), Zentosa
Disney Couture “Only an Act of True Love will Thaw a Frozen Heart” bangle* £39, Zentosa
Pandora Bracelet (gift), John Greed
Custom Anna Ears* Aesthetic Disney (on Instagram)

Gosh, my hair is so coppery at the moment, it definitely needs dyed asap.

I think the icy blue of the dress is definitely apt for the weather at the moment. And although the blue is usually Elsa’s colour on my dress you can see both Anna & Olaf fairly prominent as well so I like to think it’s an “everybody” dress rather than just an Elsa one. Although I’m obviously wearing it with a cardigan today since once again it’s freezing, on holiday I’ll definitely be ditching that as well as the wool tights. I think the black and blue go nicely together. The dress itself is actually a little bit around the bust and in the length so I may need to get my mum to alter it before my trip, especially as I don’t particularly want to wear a belt on holiday. The boots have popped up quite a few times on the blog, probably because they’re my favourite thing I’ve ever got from Vinted. They were part of a trade and fit like a dream, and although they do have a small heel, I find them particularly comfy.  

Accessories wise, it had to be silver. And although in the past I’ve avoided wearing Disney jewellery to match my dress, this time the Snowflake necklace that I received for Christmas off of Little Miss goes perfectly. It’s Disney Couture and part of their Frozen collection that was released last year. The “only an act of true love will thaw a Frozen heart” bangle is also part of the same collection. However I reviewed this piece on my blog last year. I rarely ever wear my Pandora bracelet these days as it’s just so heavy! It’s filled with charms that I’ve collected over the past four years and I love it. I think it may be time to buy a second and spread the charms across two.  

Finally, the Anna inspired Minnie Mouse ears! How amazing are these! I have a Minnie Mouse pair I’ll also be taking on holiday but I was kindly sent these and a Rapunzel pair for LM from the US and they just go perfectly with the dress (and my other Frozen patterned one in fact) that I just had to share them with you! I like how they make the outfit much more Anna than Elsa, because at the end of the day, she’s my favourite.  

If you’d like to check out my other Disney bound outfits, you can here.  

What do you think of handmade clothing? Would you personally buy it?

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