Friday I’m In Love #13

I really hate the number 13. It’s the only thing I’m superstitious about. Which is why I’m doing my Friday I’m in Love post now as I’m currently awaiting some bad news. I possibly won’t have the heart to write about loving anything come this evening.

Despite the black cloud that has been hanging over my family this week RE: my grandfather, this week has also been a joyous one, we have all had one amazing reason to celebrate and that is of course Little Miss turning three on Wednesday. I can still barely believe I am a mother of a three year old! Although she looks young for her age, I can see her growing up more every day, even in just the sort of things she says. We are now dry at night which is another reason to celebrate because it means no nighttime nappies in our suitcase for our holiday, meaning more room for pretty dresses! I think the fact we have had to make sure that LM has a wonderful birthday has kept us all going, especially my mum.

Anyway, so I’m not wasting my whole afternoon on my laptop, here are the things I’ve been loving this week;


Cocktails in Teacups Friday I'm In Love Toy Story Cake  

Little Miss’ Toy Story Cake. While we were visiting my best friend Bee over the weekend not only did LM receive some early birthday gifts including a handmade Woody inspired dress for our holiday, she also had her first cake which was an amazing Toy Story one. LM despite not being a lover of cake loved it and was desperate to eat it all weekend. I might be able to make my cakes taste good, but Bee can make them taste good AND look good. Once again I was blown away by the time and effort she put in, which means so much especially when it’s for my daughter. If cake is your thing I’d definitely recommend having a read of Bee’s blog posts about the cakes she baked last year, I’m completely biased but my Peter Pan one was totally the best!

Bee’s Upcycling T-shirt Project. Still on the subject of Bee, over on her own blog Journeys are my Diary, she shared her first completed dress made from a t-shirt. While I was there at the weekend she was working on it and I was so excited to see it finished. It looks fantastic and is incredibly flattering! I’m so happy to hear she’s going to work on some others for our holiday to Florida as I think the style looks great.


Cocktails in Teacups Friday I'm in Love REN Rose Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser  

REN Hot Cloth Cleanser. Remember a while back you received a free sample of REN’s Hot Cloth Cleanser in Elle, well I started to use it a couple of weeks ago and it’s the only thing that works on my mess of a face at the moment, so I invested in the full size bottle. The REN website is great as you can set one product to always receive 10% off, so of course I went for this. You also receive two small samples to try and I think I may have found a great mask for the next time I place an order. I’m not exaggerating when I say my skin is bad at the moment, if anyone has any suggestions for forehead spots please send them my way!

Megan’s A Week of Healthy Breakfasts. If you want an Instagram account for beautiful things, you have to give briarroseblog a follow. Recently she’s been sharing some of her breakfast occassions and even for someone like me who NEVER EATS BREAKFAST it does make me want to give them a try. And lucky me, she shared them over on her blog this week with the recipes. I’ll definitely be giving some of them a try.


Cocktails in Teacups Friday I'm In Love Mcdonalds on Slimming World  

Mcdonalds Salad. On Wednesday as a little treat for LM as her tea party wasn’t until Thursday my mum took her & I to Mcdonalds where we met my sister, her partner and my nephew for dinner. As my mum and I are doing SW I did a little research into what is best to have and I found something for one 1.5 syns.. the grilled chicken and bacon salad with a balsamic dressing! It meant we were able to nab a few chips from everyone elses boxes without feeling too guilty. LM loved it as we haven’t been since the summer! And hey ho, managed to loose 2lbs this week!

Jane Does Disney YouTube Channel. Okay, so I don’t really watch videos because they make me feel awkward, but I’m completely addicted to all Jane’s on her YouTube channel Jane Does Disney. They’re so well put together and she always has great music. Plus 9/10s of them are about Disney. They have really kept me going this week when I’ve felt extra low! Gosh I wish I didn’t sound like a total plank and could do YouTube!

What have you been loving this week?

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