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I’m in the process of decorating my bathroom at the moment but due to the fact my daughter’s room is right next door means no painting once she’s in bed. My biggest problem is the fact my bathroom is small with no storage but thankfully i’ve been researching ways to make it feel bigger on a budget.



A small bathroom can be inconvenient but there are ways to make your bathroom look bigger to the eye. Of course a bathroom needs all the basic bathroom furniture to satisfy your basic needs such as a toilet, shower or bathtub and sink, no matter the size of the bathroom. Anything else is an added bonus to make the bathroom prettier. If you want to give the illusion of a bigger bathroom, below are 5 tips that will help you to do that.  

Have A Large Mirror
Mirrors can make a bathroom look larger as it reflects the rest of the bathroom. A mirror that reaches the ceiling with lighting installed above or around it will double the lights impact and help the space in the bathroom to look bigger. Ideal Standard has some gorgeous mirrors with lights installed at discounted prices.  

Use Mirrors Strategically
If possible place a mirror directly across from your window. It will make the room seem like it has two windows and help to reflect the light. If you don’t have a bathroom where this is possible, try using mirrors from side wall to side wall, over a vanity of wall paper. You could even try placing the mirrors up high which will make the room look like it goes on for miles.  

Encourage Natural Light
Natural light is desirable in a master bathroom and helps you to put your make-up on without being misled by false light. Don’t cover your windows with shutters or blacked out curtains it will make the room appear smaller. Try covering your window with translucent window shades or replace it with a stained glass window that way you can have the best of both worlds; privacy and light.  

Keep to a Colour Scheme
Don’t have dark walls and light tiles as this will make your bathroom appear smaller. If you keep to a light colour, this will make the room appear fresh and larger. If you want to add some contrasts keep it minimal with the accessories or a light fixture. Whichever you use as a contrast will stand out as a feature whilst everything else will blend together as a backdrop. This will also help the bathroom to look beautifully elegant.  

Add Storage to the Walls
There are different ways you can add storage to your walls. Try carving out additional storage by building a recessed shelf between the studs in a wall. Another way of adding storage to your walls, is narrow shelving units as they help to create a sleek look to your bathroom. They provide just enough storage to help you store your essentials and get rid of clutter from around your bathroom.



How do you make small rooms feel bigger?

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