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When you take a flight anywhere in order to go on holiday, one thing that you should always do is be prepared with entertainment to get you through those inevitable periods of waiting. Fortunately we all live in the age of the smartphone and wall to wall wifi zones, so wherever you are, you have a huge amount of entertainment crammed onto that pocket-sized device. You can also ensure that your trip goes smoothly if you install a few travel apps too.  

This is a suggested list of essential apps to make your holiday run like clockwork and to ensure that you have plenty of entertainment should you have time to kill at any point.  

An obvious place to start is to make sure you have some fun gaming apps loaded onto your phone. There are the ones that everyone plays, like Candy Crush or Words with Friends, as well as those that cater to different moods that you might be in. For instance, bingo games are a great form of entertainment because they require so little effort on the player’s part – and that can be ideal if you’re tired and bored at the airport and just want something to zone out with. Many of the sites offer free games too – check out sites such as Cheeky Bingo and Costa for free for all bingo! On the other hand, if you’re feeling artistic, then have a round or two of Draw Something Free.  

Trip Advisor
Wherever you’re headed, you’ll find all the info you need to know on TripAdvisor, so if you download the app onto your phone, you can ditch the guidebooks and save on that luggage allowance. Whether you need to know a city’s best attractions or where to get fish and chips at midnight, a quick search on TripAdvisor will tell you what you need to know.  

Jet Lag app
For long distance travellers, a jet lag correction app can be really useful. It’s no fun spending half of your holiday falling asleep at the wrong time and being wide awake in the middle of the night. Try Jet Lag Rooster for size. As well as helping you decide when to stay awake and when to sleep according to a scientific theory that’s based on people getting enough light exposure at the right time, it can be customised for any trip and any sleep pattern.  

Keep on top of your itinerary
If you’re on a trip that involves multiple locations – either in different countries or in different places in one country, then an app such as TripIt is really useful. As you receive different emails confirming events and places in your trip, simply forward them to TripIt and it will do the magic to present you with a comprehensive travel plan that syncs with your phone’s calendar. No need to worry about missing travel connections or a guided tour that you’ve booked – TripIt will keep your holiday on track!

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