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Cocktails in Teacups Thank You Letters World of Envelopes Collaboration 

Cocktails in Teacups Thank You Letters World of Envelopes Article 

Every year in February I sit down to write thank you cards from LM. As her birthday is in January I always wait until after that has passed before sending out the cards as it seems pointless to do one for each when I can simply send a combined one once both are over. This year of course was no different and in fact this year in a way it was more important to say thank you because despite the dark cloud hovering over our family, everyone made such a fantastic effort on Little Miss’ behalf. I needed to let everyone involved know how amazed I am at the way we all held it together to allow for LM to have a great day. Each year I try to include something different, LM’s first year I included photos, her second year I allowed her to scribble in the card and this year I had her draw all over some paper then I cut out little hearts to go into each card for the family. Next year however I think I’m going to make my own with a little bit of help from World of Envelopes.  

I’ll be the first to admit I have a little bit of a stationary problem. I have a rather large collection of birthday cards I’ve bought in sales to keep on hand for when it someone is celebrating. I have hundreds of sticker sheets, various writing sets filled with paper and lets not get started on all my fancy pens. However the one thing all my writing sets and cards have in common is that they have boring white envelopes. So i’m looking forward to investing in some funky envelopes when I next need to make thank you cards, like these coloured envelopes that come in all shapes and sizes as well as a rainbow of colours. The website is so easy to use and it’s really simple to find exactly what you want, which is brilliant if you have a few cards lying around that have lost their envelopes.  

I was also so excited to discover you can buy funky packaging envelopes! I sell a lot on eBay and I get so bored of the same brown envelopes and black plastic bags that you post things in that next time I run out I’ll definitely be investing in some foil bags and envelopes instead. Again they come in a range of sizes and I think not only would they be perfect for posting stuff for eBay, but imagine how awesome a gift would look posted in one? At the end of the day, I spend a lot of money buying pretty gift wrap to wrap a present in, why shouldn’t I just go the whole hog and post it in something pretty too?  

I didn’t realise that you didn’t have to stick with those boring plain envelopes, there is a whole world out there to make my cards look amazing on the outside and in. I know where I’m shopping for supplies next year.


Cocktails in Teacups Thank You Letters World of Envelopes 

This post was written in collaboration with World of Envelopes

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