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Cocktails in Teacups Joshua James Review Pandora Heart Clasp Bracelet  

Cocktails in Teacups Joshua James Review Pandora Heart Clasp Bracelet Crown Charm  

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Cocktails in Teacups Joshua James Review Spring 2015 Pandora Collection  

Pandora Silver Heart Clasp Bracelet* £55 // Pandora Silver Crown Dangle Charm* £30 both Joshua James

Growing up, I always wanted a charm bracelet because no one had one but back then you could never find a style that had pretty charms to collect. Then Pandora came along and I was so reluctant to join the craze, because lets face it, I do like to stand out and go against the grain. But for my 22nd birthday my sister bought me a bracelet and my grandparents bought my first charm, and from then on.. my heart belonged to Pandora. I own a black double leather wrap that is now so full of charms it barely fits around my wrist and it’s also so heavy that I never want to wear it around LM in case I catch her. So of course when Joshua James offered me the chance to review a new Pandora bracelet, I jumped at the chance!  

My bracelet is the new for 2015 Pandora silver bracelet with a heart shaped clasp*. It’s the same style as the original Pandora charm bracelet but what makes it special the the new shape clasp, a heart. Being someone a little obsessed with the idea of “happily ever after” it definitely appealed to me. I was always unsure of the old silver bracelet because it’s the iconic one but I have actually found it’s so much more wearable than my leather black wrap. Most of my jewellery is silver and it looks really nice stacked with my Disney Couture Frozen bangle.  

So it’s not empty and because I’m OBVIOUSLY a princess, I also received one of the gorgeous charms released in the Autumn, the crown dangle charm* which retails for £30. It’s one of the new style dangle charms which are a lot more dainty. Having it on the bracelet alone makes it feel a lot more delicate than I ever imagined a Pandora charm bracelet to be. However due to the fact my other bracelet is full no doubt this one will soon have some charms joining it. The only thing I do have to say about the charm is this new style easily falls off the bracelet as it slips on rather than twists on. I feel like I do need to invest in a clasp so I don’t loose this charm when I remove the bracelet. I have my eye on this Mickey Mouse Pave Clip charm for when I go to Florida.  

I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of collecting Pandora charms. All the ones I currently own have special memories and reasons why I have them. The crown as I mentioned above clearly demonstrates my royalty status (yes, I’m standing by this!). And like I said, when I go to Disney World in a few weeks time, I’ll definitely be picking up some of the Disney Parks collection which will fit right at home on this particular bracelet.

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