A Wishlist Wednesday – A Day at the Races*

It has been a while since I did a wishlist post so I thought today would be as good as any to share one. I’m currently obsessed with the beautiful dresses on Chi Chi London. I have been since around Christmas but I’ve caught myself loading the site a lot more over the last few weeks. Beautiful things calm my soul and since I’ve been rather restless with everything that has gone on of late, I’ve had to surround myself with pretty dresses, even if I can’t afford them.

You might remember last year I shared an outfit idea for Ladies Day at the Grand National and since that day is edging closer again I thought I’d put a perfect outfit wishlist together. Ladies Day is definitely the sort of place to wear your Chi Chi London best!


Grand National Ladies Day 2015



This is my dream dress, it’s the Rose Tea Dress and not just my dream dress from Chi Chi London, but from anywhere. I love the colour as it reminds me of Rapunzel and I love the style because I’m a sucker for lace dresses. The cut is incredibly unusual especially the neckline. It really is the ultimate princess dress and would be perfect for Ladies Day which is all about dressing up and looking classy (something as a mum I don’t get to do very often!) I’ve teamed it with a whimsical Purple Rain Crown from Crown & Glory (because we all know how I worship at the alter of their hair pieces). For a bit more of an edge I’ve gone for black laser cut boots A LA Carrie Bradshaw & a black clutch from Accessorize. Finishing off the look I’ve gone for a truly pigmented polish in Fondant by Barry M. I would definitely feel like royalty in this outfit.

Ladies day at the Grand National is a day out that’s on my bucket list. Although I’m not someone who avidly watches horse racing, this really is more about the day out. The placing bets, drinking bubbly and getting carried away with the atmosphere. The Grand National season will be upon us before we know it, so now is the time to really start thinking about it whether you’ll be in attendance this year. Grand National Opening Day 2015 – pick your horse now! or you can keep up with all this seasons chat over on Twitter or Facebook.

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