Friday I’m In Love #14

There was no Friday I’m In Love last week as it was my Grandpa’s funeral. I know I didn’t need to confess that but I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was slacking on another series (I’m terrible for it, have you noticed?!) So of course, I didn’t really feel like “loving” anything. But the sun is slowly returning to my life, starting this week. This week has been a pretty darn good week. Yes, I’ve had my moments where I’ve felt like someone has punched me but I’m slowly getting there and the sun being out on and off has definitely helped. On Tuesday we finally had our delayed Little Miss birthday get away. I treated her in The Disney Store, took her for pizza and we had her first trip to the cinema where she actually watches the movie (I took her as a baby to see The Amazing Spider-Man, but she slept through it at a parent & baby screening). She loved it and now has a new obsession in the form of Mr Marshmallow, Baymax. Today is also 51 days until our holiday, tomorrow will be 50! Time feels like it’s in fast forward at the moment because I feel so busy. Next week is my mum’s half term, the week after Kariss is visiting, the week after that we have a day in Manchester, then the following week my friends Della & Fabia are visiting from Canada followed by a weekend away for my birthday. THEN IT’S JUST OVER TWO WEEKS TO GO! Only 7 more Friday I’m In Love posts!  

Anyway, before I go on another Disney tangent, here are the things I’ve been loving this week;  

Doris’ Blogging Birthday Celebrations. This week Doris’ blog turned one! I love Doris blog because she is straight talking and I like Doris because she’s a hilarious drunk (and lovely girl too). But what I like the most about Doris and her blog, is the fact she has a real way with words. As part of her celebration she wrote some seriously lovely words about me and my blog. I actually cried. If you like wordy blog posts about real stuff, please spend some time at her blog Doris Daze, it’ll be right up your street!


Cocktails in Teacups Haul Friday I'm In Love  

They See Me Hauling. For the first time in months I went shopping and bought what would be considered in the blogging world to be a haul. I only trusted myself in two shops, one was The Disney Store because I had £100 in vouchers from a competition I won in December. With the reusable shopping bag I spent £100.98. I mainly bought bits I still wanted for our trip and then with the extra Little Miss chose a pair of Frozen sunglasses, a Cinderella toddler plush & the little Ariel Animator Doll set. I also got two mugs. The other store was Primark and again I really only bought things I needed for our holidays such as neutral underwear, shoes for Little Miss’ costumes, crop leggings etc. Thankfully it wasn’t a really great Primark which meant I didn’t feel sad about not being able to buy things.  

Thoughtful letters. This week I received a really adorable care package from the lovely Charlotte who runs the Etsy store Alice Vitrum. I have always adored her jewellery and have bought a fair few pieces. Not only did she send me a few new pieces along with some hair clips for Little Miss, she wrote me an incredibly sweet letter that did have me a bit choked up. I’ve had a rough few weeks and it was so nice that people have been thinking about me. Thank you so much Charlotte.


Cocktails in Teacups Friday I'm In Love Big Hero 6 

Big Hero 6. While we were away on Tuesday I took Little Miss to the cinema to see a movie for the first time. I took her to the cinema to a parenting showing as a baby (it was The Amazing Spider-Man) so this is technically the second time, but the first time she has been able to enjoy the movie. And enjoy it she did. She sat through the whole thing and was fully immersed. She wasn’t frightened once but she did cry when I explained what was happening. She completely fell in love with Baymax and I’ve had to download a game onto my iPad. She also keep talking about meeting him at Disney World so I’ve added that to the list. I’m so proud the first movie she saw at the cinema was Disney!  

Roller Lash Mascara. Like everyone else on the face of the planet I’ve fallen in love with Benefit’s new mascara. I only just got it this week as the sample wasn’t in the subscription copy of Elle I got at the start of the month. Thankfully I was sent one over and I’ve been wearing it every day since. It survived the tear test in the cinema but it’s so much easier than They Real to remove at the end of the day, which for me is the important bit. I had promised myself I wouldn’t get attached to any more Benefit products as they’re just too expensive (and I had some terrible trouble over Twitter last year that really upset me) but here I am, once again falling for their new product but this one definitely lives up to the hype!  

Kirsty’s Project Happy. I’m so proud of my wonderful Scottish friend Kirsty! She tackled a really tough subject on her blog yesterday about her depression and my heart broke reading it. Kirsty is one of the most caring souls I know, so bubbly, friendly, and beautiful. Her post is so well written and put together and I’m looking forward to reading more about her journey on project happy. I really hope she’s proud of herself for being open about her experiences, I’m sure she’ll be helping other people. If you like lifestyle blogs, please give her a follow. She’s fantastic and one of my favs.

What have you been loving this week?

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