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My Disney World Holiday Planner

Tonight I did my second case test pack. Normally I only do one but as this year I’m taking a case for the two of us (on the way out anyway) for the first time since I was a child and had to share with my sister, I’m taking no chances with it being overweight. On the way out i’m taking a pushchair so I only have the ability to deal with one case however I’m leaving the pushchair out there and using a hold all that is in the bottom of my case to bring back our shopping (which I’m hoping there will be a lot of!) Anyway, the case was 0.6kg over but after unpacking and repacking I managed to get it 2.2kg under, success! I did add 5 extra dresses for me and 3 extra for LM in case I decide to take anything as I’d rather roughly estimate over rather than under. I can’t believe the next time I pack and weight it it’ll probably be the day before we leave!  

My next proper update will be at the 30 day mark which is only 9 days away and after that I’ll be updating every 10 days and then on the night before. I don’t want to overload you too much especially since there will be SO MUCH DISNEY once I come back. This week already I’m on my third consecutive Disney post, no wonder the comments are slowing, am I boring you all yet? haha.  

Anyway, today I’m giving you all a sneak peak inside my holiday planner. I really have gone all out this time because it can serve as a scrap book. Trust me, the amount of planning i’ve done deserves a scrap book and I have loved every minute of it. It’s consuming my life at the moment to the point I’m not really sure how I’ll cope after it’s all over! This could possibly be a holiday of a life time so I’d rather plan for all case scenarios just in case. However I won’t lie, I’ve already been pricing to go back at the end of 2016 using some of my inheritance. It’s a sickness.  

SO, before I digress anymore; here is my Walt Disney World planner.


Cocktails in Teacups Walt Disney World Planner 

Cocktails in Teacups Walt Disney World Planner 2 

Cocktails in Teacups Walt Disney World Planner 3 

Cocktails in Teacups Walt Disney World Planner 8 

Cocktails in Teacups Walt Disney World Planner 6

(I’ve removed reservations & exact dates, sorry it looks messy!)

Cocktails in Teacups Walt Disney World Planner 5 

Cocktails in Teacups Walt Disney World Planner 4 

Cocktails in Teacups Walt Disney World Planner 7 

My planner is a A4 Poly Pocket Wallet from Tesco, I think it cost me £1 and has 30 sleeves in it. The planner design is actually one I bought off Etsy from the seller Magical Travel Prep. It cost £8.42 and is 20 pages however of certain sheets I printed more than one, like the park ride & planner so I had one for each time we visited each park. I have them in the correct order of how we’re visiting them and each day has a day section planner, a ride planner & a general park planner.  

In the front and back of the wallet I have the opening hours glued. I found these on Kenny the Pirate which is a fantastic resource for Walt Disney World holidays, especially for when it comes to character meets. Then I have a month by month planner which is dull and mainly for my own use so I knew what dates to book dining reservations, then fast past reservations, flight seats etc. There is also a sheet supplied for flight and hotel details on which I placed next. Then of course, the packing lists. Although we’re sharing a suitcase I printed one sheet for LM and one for myself. After that there is the supplied sheets for transport planning which I have next to the bus time tables of the routes to Universal and the Mall as well as to and from Disney (for when we’re staying offsite). Then dining planning which as you can see is filled with all our wonderful reservations. I need to go upstairs and add our Be Our Guest lunch reservation that I managed to snag today! This is followed by park planners and finally budget sheets. The only budget sheet I have filled in so far is the shopping one, obviously! So no doubt look for a holiday shopping wishlist coming soon!  

At the back of the wallet I have a paper copy of all our dining reservations. When it’s something as special and important as character dining I want to have multiple proof of our reservations. Then a few weeks back Bee managed to find fairly up to date park maps that I have printed out. I’ve spent a fair amount of time familiarizing myself with them, as well as googling parade routes and best places to view fireworks. This sort of thing I’ve made a note in my notebook. Even that is clearly marked so I can find everything!  

My favourite guide in planning the trip (as I have three in total, hehe) is the Unofficial 2015 Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids not only is it the most up to date, it’s definitely the most detailed and is clearly by someone with kids. Not only that, no where does it make you feel rubbish for taking a toddler which can’t be said for some of the emails and messages I’ve received over the last few weeks. I don’t want to dwell on it too much but it definitely caused some anxiety and upset, but ensuring I have everything planned so ultimately this holiday is for LM is helping. Reading a kid focused tour guide has really helped as well as having insta-friends with small children who often visit the parks around to talk to.  

I have some spare wallets at the very back that I’m hoping to fill with notes as I go along and I also want to print out a few things I’ve found on Pinterest especially this must take photos (although it is a little out of date with the hat at Hollywood Studios). I’m hoping to also put together a bucket list of everything that’s most important to LM & I, and again I’ll share over the next few weeks.  

Don’t worry, although I sound excited, I can assure you Little Miss is 100 times more excited!

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