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Friday I’m In Love #15

This week I have been very up and down. Up as I managed to secure the coveted Be Our Guest lunch reservation for our trip. They’re not full booked until August apparently and a lot of people aren’t happy! However last night was a new low when I iced my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday cake at 3am because I’d woke up really upset about loosing my Grandpa. It’s coming up to a month and I’m still not okay. It comes in waves and I find myself getting irrationally upset at the stupidest of times. However two weeks tomorrow until my birthday and five weeks tomorrow until we head off for our dream holiday.  

Anyway, these are the things that have been keeping me going this week;  

So this week I managed to fit back into some size 10 clothing which was a huge boost for me. That along with the fact I lost 3lbs this week (and no doubt put them all back on today with all the crap i’ve ate!) I’m feeling really motivated. I have reached the 10lbs mark, meaning I have 5lbs to go until I reach my target. I really needed this as my weight loss had really slowed and with the holiday mere weeks away I was panicking that I’d feel like I had to diet while away which would be my worst nightmare! Fitting back and looking good in size 10 has really boosted my self esteem too.


Cocktails in Teacups Triple Layer Chocolate Cake Fresh Cream Salted Caramel Popcorn 

Today is also my sister’s boyfriend Lee’s 21st birthday and I made him this amazing cake. He is actually one of my cake making fans so I went all out and made him a triple layer chocolate cake with fresh cream, salted caramel and whipped ganache frosting, topped with popcorn. It combined all his favourite things and he seemed really happy with it. Or maybe it was the bottle of vodka I got him as well…


Cocktails in Teacups Kariss Shy Strange Manic

On her way to visit for the weekend is Kariss! She’s one of my best friends but I haven’t seen her in a year, thank goodness for social media so we can stay in touch as our lives these days have gone off in completely different directions! It’s an early birthday visit for me and I MANAGED TO GET A BABYSITTER FOR A FEW HOURS, so we can go out and steak and cocktails, just like the good ol’ days. I’m really excited to catch up with her not through text or by reading her blog. No doubt we’ll talk Disney for the whole two days with her being a big fan.  

The only thing I watch on TV at the moment is the Comic Relief Bake Off. As you all know I am a HUGE fan of the Bake Off and watch it religiously. Although I don’t enjoy the celebrity one as much it definitely tides me over until August when the new series will start again. Every week my mum and I text each other running commentary of the show and who we think is going to win. I loved this week because ever since I watched Peep Show on Netflix, David Mitchell just cracks me up. I just genuinely believe he’s a very funny person.. “pork pies? that’s what factories are for” ha ha ha.


Disney Pandora Park Charms 2015 

Finally, last weekend Pandora properly released the designs for the new Disney Park collection that will be released next month and I am in LOVE. There are a lot more princess related charms and I have been finding it so hard to choose which ones I want. The ones above are my choices, and I want to narrow it down to 3/4 as I’m using money I have kept back from my grandfathers to buy something I know I will keep forever.. Then I also want a Walt Disney World park one and possibly a 2015. What do you think I should go for?

I’m sure I’m going to have a lovely weekend with Kariss, then next week I’m away as LM is going to be modelling for the first time, she’s the newest face of Princess and the Frock, how exciting!

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