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Insta-Month February

Cocktails in Teacups Insta-Month February 2015

One of our amazing days in Florida // Taking LM to see Big Hero 6 // Finding a new cafe that serves US food
Baking for Valentines Day // Watching Finding Nemo in 3D with Grandad // Dressing up with Megan & Lily
Snail mail from a friend // Elsa wants to come on holiday! // Out for my pre-birthday meal with Kariss

The highlights were… Taking LM to see Big Hero 6 at the cinema TWICE. An impromptu trip to visit Bee after a rough weekend. Kariss visiting for the weekend and going out for an amazing meal with cocktails. BOOKING ALL OUR FAST PASSES. Managing to book Be Our Guest for lunch. Fitting back into some of my size 10 clothes.
Some things I have been loving… Weight Watcher yoghurts which are free on Slimming World. The evenings getting lighter. Big Hero 6 & Immortals from the soundtrack by Fall Out Boy. Being able to take Little Miss to the park again. Visiting my Nanny a lot.
My favourite purchase.. Definitely starting our Tsum Tsum collection.
Biggest regrets have been.. Falling apart at my Grandpa’s funeral. Really not holding it together in general this month, but like I said last month, I blooming hate February! Yay for it being over!
Next month I’m looking forward to… LM’s first ever try at modelling. Meeting up with Della & Fabia for the day. My Birthday. Lily’s Birthday Murder Mystery & my Birthday meal. Mothers Day.  

I am so glad to see the back of February. Not just because it means I can now say “WE’RE GOING TO FLORIDA NEXT MONTH” but because I just really dislike the month. I know it’s actually a mental block that I will one day over come but still. March is going to be SO busy starting on Tuesday, but it’s (hopefully) all good things.

How was your February?

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