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If the family entertainment budget is looking a little low, don’t despair. There are plenty of simple ways to fill the weekend and keep everyone happy without spending a fortune. From mealtime to makeovers, here are five suggestions to keep your family happy this weekend.  

1. Family Dinner – A Tasty Barbeque
A traditional family meal might conjure up images of a roast dinner. Push those aside, assign some duties and enjoy a barbecue together. While one parent fires up the barbeque, the other can help the kids gather disposable plates or thread skewers for grilling. Don’t feel you are limited to just serving steak (no complaints here). Get some inspiration from the clever models at BBQ Galore, where grilling, stir-fries and baking can be done in one spot. Thanks to your family barbeque, making something for the fussiest eater can be fun. 

2. Family Trek – Explore Your Home Base
Pack your bags and head out. The places you venture to are limited only by your desire. Grab a map and explore the local sights or attractions of your hometown, learn the history of your streets or visit a lookout you’ve never seen. Go camping for the weekend or hike up a nearby mountain to watch the sun rise. It’s an inexpensive way to spend time with the family and learn more about the region you live in.  

3. Family Laughs – Board Game Contest
Break out the board games. It is time to get competitive. Who doesn’t revel in being crowned family property mogul or expert detective? Whether your family bonds over the hotels of Monopoly or the mysteries of Cluedo, you can have plenty of laughs while you take part in a board game. Set up a score board and try out a host of games on each other. Best overall score gets to pick a prize and gets plenty of glory.  

4. Family Makeover – Redesign the Room
A makeover doesn’t mean mega bucks. Select a room to makeover together and pick a few key pieces to change it up. Your family can team up to redecorate a room and judge the best makeover. It’s a fun way to revamp your living areas without spending a fortune. You can also indulge the interior decorator in your family and hand out prizes for the most creative use of a space or the best eye for colour matching. You may end up with a better room than you could have imagined.  

5. Family Project – Get that Veggie Patch Going
Even the smallest yard or balcony still has room for a plant. Growing your own vegetables or flowers is a satisfying hobby and teaches children responsibility. Vegetables straight from the patch smell so much better when you have grown them yourself. If you have a big enough yard, plant a variety of vegetables to enjoy once they have grown. Space restrictions? Use planter boxes on a balcony or window sill instead. Not sure what to grow? Check out online gardening blogs or visit your local nursery for some advice.  

Put down your wallet and spend some quality time with your family without blowing the budget. What are some of your suggestions for low-cost weekend activities?

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