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After a long day spent looking after the children, most mothers will crave relaxation in the evenings. However this is also usually the only time that they can spend some time exploring their own interests, without kids getting under feet, and these are five online ideas that combine relaxing with having some fun.  

Is it easy to access? Yes, sites like WordPress provide free blogging templates – all you need is a subject (tip: write about what you know). Is it time consuming? You can update your blog as often as you like, but if you want to build an audience, posting at least a couple of times a week is a good idea.
Fun rating: 4/5 

Online Casino Gaming
Is it easy to access? There are dozens of online casino sites out there including some that specialises specifically on iPhone Casino games such as and all you need is a bank account. Is it time consuming? Playing the slots or roulette online can be a lot of fun, but you should set a clear time limit for yourself per week.
Fun rating: 5/5 

Watching Television
Is it easy to access? The entire television world is at your online fingertips now, thanks to streamed television services. Is it time consuming? There are a lot of great shows to choose from and follow, but you can watch as much or little as you like.
Fun rating: 4/5 

Online shopping (my personal favourite, haha)
Is it easy to access? All main stores are online these days, and ordering is straightforward. Is it time consuming? You can lose track of time when browsing, but that’s part of the fun.
Fun rating: 5/5 

Study online
Is it easy to access? Yes, the number of colleges offering online courses is increasing all the time. Is it time consuming? You will need to commit yourself to it, but study schedules are usually flexible.
Fun rating: 4/5 

The internet really is your oyster nowadays, with thousands of ways you can occupy your mind without having to leave the house.

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