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A Wednesday Wishlist – Shopping in Florida, Part One*

I’m not going to lie, one of my favourite things about holidays is the shopping. Especially holidays to the US when I can get all the things i’ve lusted over without having to pay those dreaded custom fees. This time I have ensure LM has her own money to spend (over $300!) and I’m going to order a couple of things to the hotel as a surprise. Then I have my money divided into two, funds for food, transport and general things to do with the holiday and of course the most important money; the stuff to spend on things for myself. I have saved like crazy since before I even booked this trip and even took less than I wanted on my travels in the summer, just to make sure I had extra for Florida! I have a rough idea of what I’d like, but I know that could totally change while I’m out there.  

Over the next two weeks I’m going to share some of my shopping ideas. This week it’s the Disney Parks & the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Then next week it’ll be miscellaneous shops like Sephora, Walmart, Target & Hot Topic. I have to apologise that over the next month there will be a lot of Florida related posts, and then of course, even more when I get back. So if you don’t like Disney, travel or small children, you may end up really bored!  

So, what do I have my eye on in the parks?

Cocktails in Teacups Disney Parks Shopping Ideas  

Cocktails in Teacups Universal Parks Shopping Ideas

You can see everything (and some other things) on my Greedy Book.

As you can see I want a lot more from the Disney parks! Although Harry Potter is a huge part of my life, I have been a Disney girl since birth (if you met my parents you’d understand). The two things I 100% want while I’m out there are a couple of Alex and Ani bracelets, especially the Magic Kingdom one. I’m undecided on my second (or maybe third) one, as I love Rapunzel & Ariel, but would also like an initial or birthstone one to make it more personal. I also want some Pandora Disney Parks charms. I have always been so sad that in the UK you can only get Disney charms for Chamilia but in the US you can get official Disney Pandora charms. I think I’ve decided on the three I definitely want and if I have any money left at the end of the holiday I will probably get another one. The next most important thing on my shopping list is the mug. I have lusted after this particular mug for YEARS so I’ll definitely be picking it up. Then the next most important things are the two cushions. Again I have been after them for a while. I’d like one for my bed and one for the sofa. I recently came across the Rapunzel & Flynn Disney Tradition (which is now available in the UK too) on the Disneystore.com website. It’s absolutely beautiful and although I make a point of not buying Disney Traditions for myself, because I’ll be on holiday I feel like I could justify it. The photo frame is just a guide but I will be DEFINITELY be buying a photoframe for my fireplace, preferably a coloured one but if I can’t find one, this wooden one is beautiful too. These PJs are currently on sale on the website, if they’re still available I’ll be getting them as I just love the “And they lived happily ever after” quote on them. Finally, Gus & Jaq Tsum Tsums to add to my own personal collection. 

I’ll also be picking up a magnet, a keyring and a Christmas tree decoration (or two) as these are items I always make a point of collecting whenever I go on a holiday. I’ve seen an Anna Coronation Christmas tree ornament on an APH’s instagram account that I feel I’ll be getting. I also have my eye on a new iPhone case that was released yesterday! It features two of my favourite princesses Ariel and Rapunzel and comes in an iPhone 6 size!  

The Universal parks lists looks rather small, but that’s because I’m not even 100% sure what is there to buy! My top priority is to get myself an unclaimed wand. I don’t want Hermione’s or Ginny’s or even Luna’s I want a wand to call my own and at WWOHP you can do that! I also want a Ravenclaw scarf, because House Pride! And I have my eye on a couple of frames, the Hogwarts Castle one being my favourite. Again I’ll be picking up a magnet, a Christmas tree decoration (if I can find one) and possibly a keyring, although I do already have one. But no doubt the thing I’ll spend most of my money on will be CANDY FROM HONEYDUKES! I definitely want a chocolate frog at the very least! But I know I’ll probably stock up on more than that.  

As ever I’m always on the look out for discount voucher sites like http://www.voucherbin.co.uk that will work in the US. I’m even prepared to place a Disney Store order and have it delivered to my hotel if it ensures I can take advantage on their ever changing discounts the website seems to offer (way better than the ones we get on the UK site.) It would really come in handy especially for when I’m buying gifts to bring back for my family! Because as much as I love them, I don’t want to be spending forever (and loads) hunting out gifts for them like I did while in New York last year!  

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