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Cocktails in Teacups The Technology Generation 

I grew up on the brink of the technology generation. I was at school when ICT was introduced as compulsory, I was a teen when everyone started getting their first mobile phone. I remember the release of the first iPhone and what it looked like. Now I’m an adult I have an iPhone, a laptop, an iPad, a blu-ray player and a big tv. My daughter was born in the midst of the technology generation. She has had the benefits of dvds and tablets from a young age. She doesn’t have a tv in her room, and she doesn’t have her own tablet or even game system and she certainly isn’t allowed on my laptop but she has experienced them. On long journeys or in a restaurant, LM is allowed to play on my iPad. I am not even slightly ashamed of this, as a single mother the iPad has been a godsend as there are games that are aimed at children and 9/10 they have an educational purpose. Although I would never allow her to have one herself, I’ve even gone off the idea of getting her one of those “child” tablets (Innotab, Leap Pad) as I want to have the control of when she uses it for a long time to come. However I’m aware that with the growing technology available this is going to be even harder to police. A lot of primary schools and even pre-schools now have computers and even tablets that the children use on a weekly basis. There is no denying that our world is now very technology run and no matter how you try to keep your kids away from it, they will always find access to it in some way. 

With Little Miss being the age she is, my current worries revolve around how much time she spends with technology and the free play vs technology debate. I’m incredibly thankful that although LM loves the time she spends on my tablet, she would always choose free play with her toys over it. She has a wonderful imagination and loves dolls and figures. She also loves to dress up and be creative be it baking, playing with playdough or drawing. I know over the coming years this will change, especially when she’s exposed to a school environment (I’m sure the school she is down for has iPads in their classrooms.) At the moment I police what games and apps she uses, but soon other kids will tell her of what they play, and this is when the worries start.  

According to a recent survey by My Voucher Codes these are the worries and concerns for other parents in regards to technology; 

Online bullying – 58% Extremely Worried
Accessing adult content such as porn, swearing, nudity, sex and violence – 49% Extremely Worried
Sharing inappropriate images – 49% Extremely Worried
Grooming – 48% Concerned
Access to extremism – 44% Concerned
Addiction to social media – 57% Concerned
Effects on Education – 66% Concerned
Privacy – 55% Concerned
Effect on long term health – 49% Concerned
Running up huge bills. – 65% Not at all Worried

Ahhh gone are the days of the huge bills! That used to be my parents main worry when we first got the internet! I have to admit I do share the concerns of many of these parents but I would also put privacy further up there. Although I am careful, I worry as my daughter gets older she won’t be.  

Trying to look at it objectively. A lot of these could happen anywhere without the access to technology, technology and the Internet just make it easier which is the main concern in my opinion. The internet makes everything easier, not just the negative things. I think all we can do is keep a close eye on what our children access and be open with them in regards to the affects negative things can have. 

You can read the whole article over on Tech Lounge, it’ll definitely be an eye opener.

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