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Cocktails in Teacups The Book of Mum Review 

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The Book of Mum Softcover Express* £19.50, The Book of Everyone

My mum is really one of the hardest people to buy for every time presents are required! Over the past twenty eight years my dad has bought her everything she could ever want leaving my sister and I struggling! We both dread Christmases and birthdays, but most of all, we dread mothers day. I have been wracking my brain since January for something special for my mum this year, as she’s had a pretty bad start to the year loosing her father.  

So when the people over at The Book of Everyone offered me a copy of their Book of Mum to review, I was excited. I had seen their famous Book of Everyone on a few blogs over Christmas and had loved the look of them. I thought this would make a very nice personalised gift for my mum, something I know she would really like due to the fact it’s so different.  

The concept behind the Book of Mum is the same as the one behind their original. Encase you aren’t aware what that is, here is a quick summary. The Book of Everyone is a celebration of an individual, beautifully personalised with facts, statistics and a look at the world around at the time of their birth. A lot of the pages give you a chance to add your own comments and even photos. As I mentioned above the Book of Mum works the same way. You can fill in comments about your mum and in the front you can even write a special dedication.  

Making the book was so incredibly simple and took less than 10 minutes. The prompts and guides mean that it’s a smooth process and you can also preview before you buy. I love how quirky it looks now that it arrives, a gift that is perfect for me to give because I have always been the most weird between my sister and I. I got it in bright yellow which is her favourite colour. It comes in 4 different formats including digital (£7.50), softcover express (£19.50), hardcover (£29.50) or deluxe (£49.50). I received the softcover express and I am so impressed with the speed it arrived (2 days after I created it) and the quality of it.  

Over all it makes an excellent gift and I would really recommend it as a gift for someone who already has everything.

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