Bedroom Tour – My Favourite Places*

Cocktails in Teacups Favourite Places in my Bedroom Above Bed

Cocktails in Teacups Favourite Places in my Bedroom Bed

Cocktails in Teacups Favourite Places in my Bedroom Wardrobe

Cocktails in Teacups Favourite Places in my Bedroom

ICocktails in Teacups Favourite Places in my Bedroom Wall Decoration 

Today I thought i’d give you a little look into my bedroom. I did consider doing a full bedroom tour but between my suitcase lying on the floor, the chair from my daughter’s room wedged in and the cat bed hanging off the radiator, I decided it really wouldn’t be pleasant viewing. Instead I’ve settled on sharing my favourite key points in my room with you all today. My bedroom really is an on going project. I know I’ll never been happy as long as I have the horrible royal blue carpet that shows every little thing even straight after i’ve hoovered but as the room is big, I just don’t have the budget to replace it for the foreseeable future! However from the first room tour I did not long after I moved in, it has come a long way.  

I have three areas of my room I truly love, my dressing table, my wardrobe and my bed. Starting with my bed. My parents bought my bed as compensation for having to share a room with my sister for 16 years. That was almost 10 years ago now and although it’s still comfy I’m desperately in need of a new mattress. The bed itself is a divan with no underneath storage and a metal head board. As much as I love the head board for my fairylights (which were £4 from Primark!) it does make a lot of noise when I’m sat up in bed as it bangs against the wall. Not great when my daughter sleeps on the other side! Still, it’s my bed and it has beautiful floral bedding on it, memory foam pillows and of course my Anna & Ariel dolls. It’s definitely a bed that screams “SINGLE” but for once I rightly don’t care! Above my bed I have a little frame arrangement. It took me until the end of last year to put this together but now it’s there I love it. I have a few more things lying waiting to be framed so I can add them too.  

Compared to when I first moved in, the alcove my wardrobe stands in is now very full but it makes me really love it. I have all my dresses ready to pack on the doors as well as my cosplay dresses. I have my fashion magazines on the shelves and my shoes in a 20 pair shoe rack that I bought off eBay. I also have a small bookcase filled with photo albums. Above the bookcase I have the most beautiful canvas imaginable filled with photos of all my adventures up to 2013. The fact I can have all my clothes hanging on the doors and all my shoes on display is again, something I have never benefited before in the past when living with a guy or sharing with my sister, now I’m making full use of my dressing alcove with the room being all my own.  

Finally, my dressing table. Would you believe until now I never had a dressing table? When I shared with my sister she always go the dressing table and I had the bookcase so when I was furnishing this room I made a point of locating a lovely dressing table. This one was from Argos but it came with the mirror and the stool. I love having all my make up and skincare within reach and I love being able to sit down and get ready properly in the mirror. Above my dressing table I have a display of quotes I have been bought by friends (mainly Bee) as well as a lot of Disney. Of everywhere in my house I think this corner reflects my personality the most and I do love lying on my bed and looking at it because I know it’s all me.  

The reason I have chosen to share these places in my bedroom is because they’re special. For the first time in my life I am 100% comfortable being alone (most of the time anyway) and my bedroom stands testament to that. Although the whole house is decorated to my tastes, my bedroom is the one place I have really gone crazy. It’s without a doubt a shrine to Disney, floral patterns and all things girly.

What do you especially like about your bedroom?

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