Dressing Like a Disney Princess*

Since booking my holiday to Florida last June, I have gone into Disney Princess overdrive. I was bad before, but now I just want to prance around in tulle and lace, covered in glitter with long flowing hair. Unfortunately as a mother, who also works at home and spends a lot of time in her pjs, it really isn’t very practical to spend ridiculous amounts of money on fairytale gowns, but a girl can dream huh?

The other week my best friend Bee mentioned the possibility of going to a charity ball, and since then I’ve found myself browsing more ball appropriate websites, putting together outfits in my head just in case it came off. Obviously I’d be going for something Princess-esq in an attempt to live out my dreams. I thought that I’d share some of the cocktail dresses I’ve been eying with you tonight, what with prom season pretty much around the corner after Easter break.

Princess Dresses


The first dress is of course, Aurora. I was torn between going for pink or blue, but when I saw this one it was too princess like I couldn’t pass up! I imagine it teamed with a statement gold chain and some gold court shoes. Very royal and perfect for a prom. Next up this gorgeous turquoise number that reminds me of a modern version of Ariel’s park dress! I’d wear this with a matching pair of strappy sandals, a shell shaped clutch and flower hairband. The third one isn’t technically Disney Princess but it is Disney.. how much does this dress remind you of Meg from Hercules? Both Bee and I love her and think she’s one of the best women in the Disney universe to wearing a cocktail dress like this, i’m sure I’d be able to channel her sass and sarcasm while looking drop dead gorgeous. Finally, I’ve picked out this beautiful gold dress for anyone who really wants to wear something Belle inspired. With all the excitement about the upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast movie, it would be amazing to dress like the smartest of all the princesses. I picture this with an up do, a gold clutch and some gold shoes. It may seem like too much gold but it works.  

Cocktail dresses on the whole are perfect for special occasions such as weddings and proms, as well as for those big nights out such as charity balls. They’re truly the modern equivalent of those fairytale gowns.

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