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Friday I’m In Love #16

This is the first of two scheduled posts while I’m off being like the queen and celebrating my birthday over multiple days. My birthday is tomorrow and I’m going to be twenty seven, so please leave comments of condolences here, haha.  

Anyway, this week hasn’t been too bad. Tuesday I took Little Miss to York to meet up with two if my friends, Della and Fabia, who now live in Vancouver, Canada. We meet up every time they’re home and it’s like nothing has changed. Della was the first friend I made when I moved back to Lincoln and despite the distance, we’ve stayed friends. We wandered around the shops and went for lunch. They were so kind and paid, AND gave me a birthday present. I wish we could have had more than a day but I guess I’m going to have to go to Canada for that! It’s on the list.  

Then yesterday my mum and sister celebrated my birthday by showering me with cards, gifts, dollars, mini cakes.. my mum also bought me the best card ever with Disney princess stickers in it and put up banners! It was really nice, I also got to see my Nanny which always makes me feel better.  

Now I’m going to have a busy fun weekend.. a murder mystery tonight, out for lunch for my birthday tomorrow then Mother’s day on Sunday! Best. Weekend. Ever… (I hope!)  

Moving back to the present, here is what I’ve been loving this week;


Cocktails in Teacups Friday I'm In Love MAC x Cinderella Beauty Powder in Mysterious Princess  

Last Friday I’m not ashamed in the slightest that I sat and refreshed the MAC website to get a hold of something from the MAC x Cinderella collection. It arrived on Monday and personally, I think the shimmery blue packaging in beautiful! I went for the beauty powder in Mysterious Princess and it’s just exactly what I’ve been after. Can’t wait to use it on holiday when I’ve got a bit of a tan to give my skin a dewy glow. So so pretty.  

This week I’ve been watching FRIENDS on Netflix from the start and I had completely forgotten how much I loved it! This will be the fifth time I’ll have watched the whole series from start to finish. I seem to watch it at every stage in my life.. the first time was when it was still airing, the second time was the first time I lived with a guy, the 3rd time was after we broke up and the forth time was while I was pregnant. It’s definitely the series I’ve watched the most and it never gets old.


Cocktails in Teacups Friday I'm In Love Pumpkin Spice Tea  

Last time I visited Bee‘s she gave me away a tin of Pumpkin Spice Tea leaves and it’s now firmly become my favourite drink. This week while in York I picked up the cutest little tea infuser in the shape of a house from Paperchase. I do have a teapot but it is so much extra washing up, this is so easy to use and measures out the right amount for one cup.


Cocktals in Teacups Friday I'm In Love  

I love getting surprises in the mail, so I was so happy when I received this cute parcel from & Tribal Media. I’ve mentioned on the blog before, but in case you missed it they make wrapping paper out of your instagram photos! This time I received a sheet full of Elsa! I loved it. And a book about making treats for your pet that I will definitely be giving some a go. Elsa is such a pampered princess.  

Finally, despite the announcement of a Frozen 2 (I’m still undecided if I’m ready for more Frozen fever) I’m still very much on the Big Hero 6 band wagon as is Little Miss. So this is why I’m leaving you with my current favourite song from the movie that is also by one of my favourite bands ever, Fall Out Boy. Enjoy.


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