A Wednesday Wishlist – Shopping in Florida, Part Two

A few weeks back I posted a Wednesday Wishlist all about the things I’m hoping to buy while at the theme parks in Florida although as far as shopping is concerned, this is only one side of things. Being an old hand at visiting the US now (I’m on my 8th trip now) I know what stores I like, and what things I can’t get in the UK. Last year I went a wee bit crazy in Sephora, but since the store now ships to the UK without any tax I don’t think I’ll bother this time, instead I’ll just save up and place an order back here. But my other favourite stores such as Hallmark, Hot Topic, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, CVS don’t ship here, at least not particularly cheaply so I will be checking them out when I’m over in a few weeks time. Walmart is totally for copious amounts of food stuffs, I’m planning a trip within the first few days to stock up on snacks for in the parks. So today I’ve decided to share with you some bits i’m planning on picking up from Hot Topic & Walgreens. It’s in keeping with the theme as again it’s mainly Disney but at the fraction of park prices (which is the reason I am so in love with Hot Topic!)

Cocktails in Teacups Hot Topic Shopping Ideas

Cocktails in Teacups Walgreen Shopping List

You can see everything (and some other things) on my Greedy Book.

I’m only sharing what i’m picking up for myself. I’m hoping to order LM some goodies from Walgreens and Target, whether she’ll get them on holiday or I’ll put them away for another time, I haven’t decided yet. Yeah, I’m a cruel mummy.

So from Hot Topic I’m hoping to pick up some items that I could probably find a park equivalent but at double the price such as the bag and the scarf. I love the design on the bag and have had the wallet version on my eBay watch list for ages. The scarf is also Alice in Wonderland, I love the floral pattern which will be great for Spring and then Autumn. I bought a Hot Topic scarf last year that has lasted me through the winter and I love it, so it seems like a smart move to get another. I really wanted to get the Little Mermaid slip on shoes before flying out but it just never happened. I’m surprised they carry my size to be honest! They’ll come in handy for the school run during the summer months, I’m not a fan of trainers but the down hill walk isn’t particularly sandal friendly. Also continuing with the Little Mermaid design I’m hoping to find the Ariel plush blanket (and a Frozen one for LM) for our pj days and the paddle brush, which is the style of brush I use and for the price it would be foolish not to get this one! Hot Topic has come gorgeous Disney jewellery pieces, again so cheap compared to official Disney versions. With the Cinderella movie coming out I really want a glass slipper necklace, and this one is perfect! Finally, I love the design of the Elsa sweater, and as I already have a Kiss The Girl one from my last trip, I know I i’ll get a lot of wear out of it. The other is a Harry Potter sweater. It’s more the shape that caught my eye on this one, I imagine it over my Ravenclaw skirt Bee made me with some wool tights next winter. I just hope they get it back in stock in my size.

When I went to the US last summer I hunted high and low for the ELF Disney sets and I couldn’t find them! This time I’m determined to get some from the current available Sleeping Beauty, Elsa and Jasmine ranges. I’ve mainly picked out brushes as I need some new brushes and not only do ELF have these beautiful Sleeping Beauty Vs Maleficent ones, but SOHO also have some Jasmine and Belle sets. I’m hoping to pick them all up, plus the Ariel ones if I can find them in a store. One of my favourite US brands that are unavailable over here is Physicians Formula, last summer I picked up a blush that I adore, so this year I want a few more bits, in particular some mineral face powder. They’re decently priced and suitable for sensitive skin. Finally, I really want to treat myself to a SheaMoisture hair mask. They’re made with people with insanely dry and frizzy hair in mind, perfect for me with my very long and brightly coloured mane! I regret so much not grabbing one last summer!

At the moment I’m hoping to place these two orders before I go so they’ll be awaiting at the hotel. I still have another week to work out exactly what my financial situation is and whether or not I can do this! Fingers crossed as it will save me time when shopping!

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