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When Little Miss and I come back from Disney World, we are going to be such a downer. My mum is already worried about me as my manic planning has kept me going through some rough times over the last few months. She knows first hand what PDD (post Disney depression) is like from the times we went as kids. My sister and I suffered from it, as did my dad. So much so that on the anniversary since our last holiday we’d have a “Disney Day” which was pretty much getting together with my Godparents, eating an American feast, playing Disney games and watching the videos of what we did while out there. It really does seem sad now I’ve put it out there but it kept us going until our next Disney holiday. Our families would take it in turns to host it and if you want to imagine what it was like, think about the US 4th of July holiday.

ANYWAY, even if I do decide to keep the Disney Day tradition alive, it won’t be for a year, so I’m already thinking about making us up a “post holiday” hamper to come back to. Lets face it, the second most exciting thing in the world (after going to Disney of course is) is coming home to mail.

My first port of call for planning this coming home hamper is The Works. At Christmas I really overworked my card on The Works website as I loved all the Disney bits and pieces for reasonable prices. As I do want this to be a Disney centric parcel it’s only natural I head there as everything I bought for LM at Christmas was really good condition. Little Miss even collects a range of Disney Story Books that she loves having read to her at bedtime and I can only find them at a decent price from The Works.

Here are the ideas I have so far;

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Of course most of the items here are for LM, and the ironic thing is she won’t be half as affected by coming home as I will be, but buying for her sure does give me pleasure. The Winnie the Pooh book which retails for £5 is actually from the series she collects, so far she has 7 and this is the last one from The Works website she needs, so obviously at that price, it has to be done. Next is the Disney Princess Big Book of Things to Make and Do, I’ve been promising her something like this and for £5.99, when I have a planning shaped hole in my life, what better time that to finally get it for her and get our craft one! The final book is a Big Hero 6 activity book. I would have bought this before our holiday had I seen it but she now has more than enough to take on the plane. She’s a huge BH6 fan already, especially Baymax so for £3.99 it would really make her happy to come home to it. The Works sells CHOCOLATE, more aptly it’s Frozen chocolate (those sister’s sure love the stuff) and only £1 for 5 bars. I’ve actually bought this pack twice, once for her stocking at Christmas and once for her birthday and it’s such good value for money. I think we’re both going to need the comforting taste of chocolate to come back to! Finally, after all the shopping we’re going to do, Little Miss will no doubt need a new toy box! I have fallen in LOVE with this Matilda collapsible box which is £6 or 2 for £10! Bargain.

For myself, Walt Disney’s Biography, it’s on my wishlist but I know I won’t have time to get it (or read it) before I go next week. It’s £12.99 and after reading The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World I really want to give this a try. The last item isn’t Disney, but it is holiday related. I need to plan where we’re off to next so I need to get prepared with a copy of Europe on a Shoestring as after this holiday, the next one will definitely be a cheap-y! It retails for £15.99 and is this year’s edition.

I’m sure if I came home to all these bits and pieces, I’d feel a little bitter about leaving the happiest place on earth!

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