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Walt Disney World Countdown… 10 Days to Go

Cocktails in Teacups Walt Disney World Countdown 10 Days to Go 

Cocktails in Teacups Walt Disney World Disney Blogger Elsa Toddler 

Well the last 10 days went by super fast! We are now in the home stretch with only 10 days until we fly! Yesterday was actually 10 days until the start of our holiday but I didn’t manage to get the post up last night. To put it into perspective, I’m now closer to my holiday than I am to my birthday and that seems like 5 minutes ago. I’m so afraid next week is going to drag but thankfully i’m going to see Cinderella with Little Miss on Tuesday then to see Wicked with my sister on Thursday, then it’s my dad’s birthday on the Friday. I’m trying to find fun things to do as LM won’t be at nursery! It’s going to be such a stressful and exciting week, I just know it!  

So the past few days have been rather exciting in terms of holiday stuff! My tickets arrived at the travel agents the other day. As I had Thomas Cook vouchers to use that I won our flights are booked through them. It was the first time I’ve ever had to pick up tickets before (having always used e-tickets) and it was SO fun! We have also opened LM’s sealed money box (or honey box as she calls it), emptied it and bagged up the change to turn into dollars. She has another £50! I also ordered my dollars through Sainsbury’s Bank as they had the best exchange rate with no commission and free delivery. I’ve also taken all the clothes we need ironed down to my mum’s so over the next few days while i’m there I can use her ironing board, then it will just be a case of packing it. I weighed my case again with everything in it and i’m finally under the 23kg, making it completely good to go once the time to pack properly comes. I have also been for my last grocery shop whatever we have in now is what we have to live on for the next 9 days. I’ve ordered enough food for Elsa, started working through my laundry basket and my one week to go to-do list is fully drawn up and I made a start on that last night (work out which reservations were on which cards for the restaurants). Most excitingly of all is I have CHECKED INTO MY DISNEY HOTEL! Disney hotels give you the option to book in before you go meaning you can skip the line. You just need to have a credit card at the ready to pick up you magic bands.  

In the coming week I have to ensure I have printed off absolutely everything I’m going to need and put it into my folder. Book my Universal dining for the day we’re there (as it works out cheaper to have a plan than pay separately) and book a transfer taxi for when I change hotels. Then I have my train tickets to collect from the station as before we leave will be far too stressful. I also want to give everywhere a good clean as my mum will be up every day and I want to give her nothing to do but show Elsa some affection! Also got to fit in having my hair dyed and my eyebrows waxed! Finally I want to place a few orders to be at the hotel when we arrive, a Target one, a Hot Topic one and a Walgreens one. That’s if I have enough money which at the moment isn’t looking too great! Short of that I have all the family to visit, Easter gifts to wrap, cards to write, my dad’s birthday cake to make.. PHEW it’s going to be such a busy 10 days!  

So my next countdown post is my LAST POST! It will be up either the night before or the morning before we leave. It all depends on how stressed I am and how much I have left to do! EEK, I’m so excited!


Cocktails in Teacups 10 Days until Disney World

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