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With spring on the way, there is no better time of the year to investigate the latest trends in footwear. There are many exciting new looks from the shows on the way for men, women, and children, all designed to have you looking fashionable for the spring. Overall this year has seen fashion pay homage to the 60s and 70s, inspired by the neutral earthy colour pallet that was popular in that period. This trend has carried through to footwear, creating one of the most interesting years in fashion in a while. I have been reading about the rise of many brands from the 60’s and 70s’s via  

Also important is the attention paid to kids footwear. In the past it was not uncommon for kids shoes to be left out of fashion trends. After all since kids grow up so quickly it is not exactly practical to buy them a pair of designer loafers or high heels.


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Welcome Brightness for Women’s Shoes  
The spring trend for women’s shoes is open toe heels, and open flats. In fact the more skin that is showing on the foot the better. There is a preference for 70s style sandals and platform shoes that help to make the wearer look taller by placing a thick base on the bottom of the shoe. Many styles have again expanded on the idea of cabling and rope around the ankle with weaving used to add visual intrigue to these pieces of art.  

The other major aspect of this years women’s footwear trend is the move towards bright and bold colours. Sometimes the colours are put together to create a multi coloured or even monochromatic look and feel that adds dimension and style to the wearer’s entire outfit.


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Ambiguous Unisex Shoes
Some of the hottest shoe designers today have created shoes that are rather gender neutral. Their footwear designs are to be worn by either gender, look great, and be in style. Another key aspect of these new shoes is that for the first time, men’s and women’s sizing have been unified. To see what these gender bending leaders have been up to visit here.  

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Metrosexual Men’s Shoes
Many men wrongly believe every pair of shoes is the same. Thankfully the trend towards post metrosexual dressing has continued to place emphasis on men learning the styles and trends. An important part of this is first realizing that wearing the same pair of shoes every day just will not cut it. Not only will everyone notice, but also the shoes will wear out much faster and not last as long.  

Overall the trend in men’s shoes is towards styles that would look at home in the 70s. Browns and blacks are very much in, with accent colours added for a modern contrast. Much of the differentiation in men’s shoes can be found not in the colours but in the cuts on the leather. Different patterns have been well used to create different style effects for the wearer.


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Children’s Trends
The 2015 shoe style trend for children has moved in the same general direction as the overall industry with some notable exceptions. While the styling of the shoes is similar to the adult versions only smaller, the colour pallet used is much younger and further away from the neutral tones we are witnessing in other parts of the industry.  

For most kids, what draws them to a pair of shoes is the colours, and how they fit. Children are either fortunately or unfortunately, a little less concerned about how the shoe is cut, and what materials go into it. But learning about quality and what makes good merchandise is something they learn, as they grow older. For now, it is up to parents to make sure they learn the right lessons when it comes to fashion.

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