A Wednesday Wishlist – April 2015*

Coming back from holiday is always a complete downer, no matter how soon your next trip is. The problem is returning to real life, chores, school runs, work.. holiday’s are an escape from all the mundane and I guess that’s what I like about them. Since coming back I’ve had a lot of family stuff to deal with, Little Miss has been ill and now I’m ill. So really it hasn’t been all that great coming back. So today to attempt to cheer me up while I’ve been lying on my mum’s sofa I got browsing the net and I thought I’d share my current wishlist, because I haven’t really done one in a while and lets be honest, we all like a nosey at each others wishlists!

Cocktails in Teacups April Wishlist

First up, my biggest splurge between now at September will definitely be on this new lens for my camera. I put my hand on my heart and say this lens will be purely to shoot Festival of Fantasy, Dream Along with Mickey and all other parades and shows. I’ve asked around and it’s the best I can get without being too big and bulky. It’s an EF 75-300mm on Amazon for £94.96.

Next up is a dress from Black Milk Clothing’s latest Disney collection. I already own an Aladdin one from their first collection and it went down a treat in Walt Disney World. I loved so much from their new collection but I can never really justify the price to get more than one piece, so I’ve narrowed it down to this Tinkerbell Skater Dress for $95 (Aus Dollars). I cannot fault the fabric and the design is really cute.

While on holiday one of my friends had one of these hats and I fell in love with it. I was so stupid last time and didn’t take a hat which resulted in my hair colour bleaching badly. It’s not faded so I actually look like I have ginger hair. This particular Black Felt Floppy Hat from Dorothy Perkins is £14 which does seem like a lot for a hat, but I’m hoping because it’s more on trend I’ll be inclined to wear it long before I go back to Florida, I’m just rubbish at wearing any hat that isn’t a beret.

This particular item has appeared on a number of wishlists but here I am still lusting after it; it’s the Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Styling Cone on Look Fantastic for £64.95. I’ve had it used on my hair at the past two Paul Mitchell events I’ve attended and I just love the casual curls and waves it creates in my hair. It’s also so much easier to use than my straightners. One day you will be mine.

While away I got used to having a mirror in my bathroom, so much so I’m a bit lost since coming home and not having one. I’m looking into getting one of these illuminated mirrors by Pebble Grey*. I have such a dark bathroom in the morning as the sun is on the front a lit mirror would really come in handy. The one above is even battery lit meaning I wouldn’t need to have any additional wiring added which is great because I’m not that into my DIY!

The next two items are both from The Disney Store, clearly I didn’t do enough shopping out there (I did, I really did). The first item is because I forgot to pick one up while out in Orlando, thankfully the one I get is a standard Disney Parks Frame so it’s on the UK website for £20. The other item is a Rapunzel Plush for £12.95 as I have Anna and Ariel and if I get this one I’ll have my three favourite princesses!

Finally, another item I’ve been after for a while, Once Upon a Time Season 3 on DVD. Favourite TV show ever, need I say more?

What have you been lusting after this April?

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