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Tips For Pairing Your Special Prom Dress To Your Shoes

As if shopping for a prom dress wasn’t already a test of endurance and patience – now you’ve got to find shoes for it. Here’s how to find the right shoes to match that one-of-a-kind prom dress!

Every single year, legions of young ladies scour dress shops, shopping malls, vintage clothing stores, and a countless selection of online websites looking for that one unique prom night dress look that will be the envy of every other female prom night reveler in school – and one that will make them feel the most desirable of the entire bunch for that special someone they have had their eye on since high school orientation day. A common goal, with uncommon results.

And the more unique the look, the greater the obstacle in finding a unique pair of shoes that will match.

Ladies of all ages typically get a bad rap when it comes to their shoe collection – or obsession, because that is exactly how it looks. However with so many different styles, colors, materials and fabrics, which make up a lady’s outfit, it can be so daunting to find the right pair of shoes. Many will often horde away a few good pairs of shoes when they come across them (even when they do not yet have a matching clothing outfit to go along and complement them).

Yup, that is the story of a woman’s life. But what about a young lady who has not had the years to compile the ultimate shoe obsession, er, I mean “collection”, just yet? With a limited collection of shoes in one’s closet and a limited budget, this guide will help a young lady find the right pair of shoes to match any unique prom dresses 2015.

Color that Pops
In order to ensure that your shoes will match the prom night dress in question, ask yourself; “Does this color accentuate my dress – or does it compete with it?”

If you have selected a prom night dress that possesses bright and bold (or even complex) patterns, wearing an intricately designed shoe with additional brightness, boldness, or complexity will not only draw the eye away from the outfit; it has the potential to clash. Horribly.

When it comes to wearing a bold outfit, choose something simple. If your dress has sequins or shine and sparkle to it, then roll back the simplicity of your footwear even further to flats or a pair of neutral heels.

However, if you have reversed the equation and have selected a more traditional, simple, classic look – then by all means, spice it up with a pair of louder, more interesting pair of shoes which possess a more vivid use of color.

Focal Color
If you have opted for a patterned dress or your outfit possesses a splash of different colors, go with the richest color of them all when it comes to the color of your shoes.

For example, if your outfit includes a pattern or accessories with earth tones and royal blue – go with royal blue.

Do not Over-Match Color!
I call this look “uni-color”. It is when you simply cannot get enough of one color, so you match your whole entire outfit around it. Bad move! For example, a shade of navy blue for your dress, another shade of navy blue for your top, and then a matching navy blue pair of shoes. Gross. Even worse is if you do not change shades from one garment or accessory to your shoes.

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