A Wednesday Wishlist – How Does Your Garden Grow?*

May is supposedly 100% Spring time, right? Hasn’t felt that way this past week if i’m honest but as usual I remain ever hopeful that soon the weather will be better and less miserable. While I was on holiday my mum started tidying up my garden. She’s green fingered and has always felt saddened by how small her gardens are, so of course when I go my place she was happy to take on mine too. Although she’s the chief gardener, I’m still in charge of costs and decoration. This will be my third summer in this house, and I’m still extremely dissatisfied with my garden and how little I use it due to it not being up to scratch. However, I’ve decided now is the time to tackle it.

I know I did a wishlist last week, but they’re always great for when i’m lacking in inspiration (as all I have to do is share more holiday updates and I fear I’ve bored you all already with those!) so here is my garden wishlist. Maybe once it’s finished I’ll be able to do a before and after to share with you all what I did manage to buy, I’m guessing though my budget will end up way smaller than what I’m first imagining, because although I do want my garden to be pretty, I would rather have more dollar to spend while on holiday, what a conundrum!

Anyway, I digress, the wishlist;


Starting at the top right, I’m in desperate need for a new light for out the back. My current one had a nasty run in with a seagull (long story) and it’s a bit battered and no longer works. I found a great site that has some fab outdoor lighting at very reasonable prices. I like the one pictured above because it’s very traditional. Continuing with tradition, how amazing is this wagon wheel bench? I saw it in a store in town and I can’t believe it’s only £40. The next two items are both from Argos and are both for Little Miss. The first is a wooden playhouse which definitely needs to be an investment this summer, she begged for one last year and all I got her was a pop up tent, can you say, unimpressed? I’m hoping my dad will go halves with me on one as I caught him pricing them up the other day. LM does have a slide at the moment, but it’s rather small now and it’s her favourite thing at the park and when she does outdoor play at pre-school. A pink slide would be right up her street. I have some fencing dividing my paved area from my grass and I really want to paint in a nice colour, I’m not the smartest tool when it comes to DIY but I think this seagrass paint from Wilkos would work quite well.. Finally I have very little area in my garden for planting and I really do enjoy growing things so this bicycle planter could be my answer.

Do you have some outdoor space you want to jazz up?

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