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Friday I’m In Love #18

I can’t believe it has almost been two months since I did a Friday I’m in Love post. So much has happened. However I have to admit when I first came back off holiday I went through a really bleak patch with anxiety. It’s back under control (most of the time) and I’m able to see the light in life again.. yack that is so mushy! I don’t think it was regular holiday blues, because of course I know i’m going back.. I think it was just the flatness of having no planning to do. That and the fact LM doesn’t know we’re going back and she was really missing the place. I felt so helpless when she kept asking for things I couldn’t give her but we’ve fixed that with the wonders of technology! Which of course brings me onto the first thing I’ve been loving;

FaceTime with Friends in Florida. Ordinarily I don’t do the whole talking on the phone thing, even worse is the idea of having someone see me.. however while we were on holiday we FaceTimed my mum every day and it wasn’t so bad. But this week we have been FaceTiming with friends in the states to mainly keep in touch but also so we can still experience Disney World while we’re away. LM has also received a special message from Peter Pan to keep her going until she sees him again.

old key west

And of course, speaking of Florida.. this week Kariss, Hayley and I booked to go to Walt Disney World in 2016 (with LM of course). When my Grandfather died in January, I was left a little bit of money which I’m using to pay for this trip. He loved America as much as I do so it seemed fitting to use it to visit again. Because we’re splitting the price 3 ways we have got an absolutely wonderful looking hotel, Old Key West and we’re staying in a deluxe villa. We also have the dining plan which means character meals every day! It’s also Hayley’s first time and her birthday while we’re out there, and I already have plans to make it a special day for her. It’s going to be so hard to wait from September this year until next year though!

I’m finally able to do some clothes shopping that isn’t for a holiday. I’ve picked up a few bits from various blogger sales on Instagram and i’ve spotted a few cardigans online that I really like the look of. I sold a lot of the clothes I wore on this holiday online as I just looked awful in them and I plan on buying my usual t-shirt smock that I know doesn’t look too bad on me. I was desperate to have some photos of myself on holiday that I didn’t hate but ended up with about 3. Tragic really and I
swear I’m not going to make the same mistake again!

Cocktails in Teacups Disney on Ice

Last Saturday (technically in the same week as this) I went to see Disney on Ice in Nottingham with Bee and her girls. We had the most amazing seats as you can see from the photo! LM loved being able to wave to the characters and them waving back to her. It was four stories, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast and Frozen, all Princess stories LM loves so she really was in her element. I always love how the rework the story to make them workable on ice. It was definitely the Disney pick me up we needed and as ever it was wonderful to spend time with Bee and her family. I can always guarantee to be pulled out of whatever slump I’m in while there!

Finally, HOW GOOD IS GAME OF THRONES GETTING?! I have to admit this season felt rather slow to start aside from the odd beheading, however after the end of episode 4 I was hooked again. Can’t wait for the next episode now, only 5 more to go though! Once Upon a Time just finished last week too so I know soon I’ll be at a loss at what to watch. It’s always the way!

What have you been loving this week?

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