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Insta-Month May

Cocktails in Teacups Insta-Month May

A vintage brooch from my Nanny // Channeling hipster Ariel // Disney on Ice
Trying 5 Guys in the UK // LM’s Tsum Tsum collection // Facetiming for Symphony in the Stars
Mcdonalds do strawberry lemonade // Second Star to the Right tattoo // LM & Elsa

The highlights were… Seeing Disney on Ice and having amazing seats with Bee, her girls and LM. That was right in the beginning of the month, then I didn’t really do much in the middle until the end when I went to see Bee again LM free for her birthday. I got my first tattoo, we saw two movies at the cinema, Tomorrowland and Pitch Perfect 2 and had a party. It was so nice to spend some child free time with Bee, it has felt like forever since that happened!
Some things I have been loving… Lemon cordial with ice. Facetiming with friends in the States. Making plans for our holiday in September. Sleeping a lot. Game of Thrones.
My favourite purchase.. Booking a holiday to Walt Disney World for 2016 with Kariss and Hayley.
Biggest regrets have been.. Falling apart in the middle of the month. I had some serious anxiety issues and sleep issues but I think I’ve sorted it out, so much so when I was sure I’d fall apart again on Friday night I managed to pull myself together without too much fuss.
Next month I’m looking forward to… Um.. well I guess I have my mum’s birthday, father’s day and a weekend at Bee’s. But I think June is going to be another long month. I swear time is going so much slower in the run up to my next holiday compared to last time!

On the whole May hasn’t been a particularly great month. It’s felt long, and miserable due to the awful weather and lets not forget about it being pretty flat after Florida. The weekends I spent at Bee’s were really all that made the month more than a complete waste! I’ve felt very lonely, over weight and unhappy but hopefully that’s going to change.. watch this space!

How did you find May?

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